Watch Every Thor: Love and Thunder Deleted Scene That Marvel’s Now Released

Thor Love and Thunder deleted scenes
By Benny Stein Posted:

Even as Thor: Love and Thunder is now in fans' hands, having just dropped on Disney+, interest in the film's cut content still runs rampant. The dropped scenes from the film ranges from the absurd, like the near-inclusion of a Jesus Christ cameo, to the awe-inspiring, like some recently revealed concept art for Eternity.

A large part of this interest in the film's cut footage is due to the amount that was cut from the film. Marvel mandated an under-two-hour cut for Thor 4, forcing director Taika Waititi to cut a good deal. 

Love and Thunder, which was extremely divisive among fans and critics alike, saw criticism for this kind of frantic writing and shooting style, which many claim resulted in a mixed bag of a film.

However, even as much of the film was changed or left on the editing room floor, small bits and pieces have emerged in the form of deleted scenes, some of which paint a much different picture of Thor: Love and Thunder.

See the Cut Scenes from Thor 4

Thor 4 deleted scenes

Thor: Love and Thunder has released four deleted scenes so far, showcasing slightly different versions of a few key scenes from across the film. While some seem a bit inconsequential, others show radically different versions of how Thor 4 could have ended up.

Thw first clip, entitled "Wasting Time," sees Mantis and Star-Lord attempt to drag Thor out from his supposed retirement. Eventually, they convince him, and after all trying (and failing) to ride Stormbreaker, they head off towards the battle.


In "Looking for Zeus," Thor, Valkyrie, and Korg confront Dionysus. Fittingly, the Greek God is too consumed with drinking and partying to help, leaving our heroes to find Zeus on their own.


"Fighting For You" sees an emotional goodbye between Thor and Jane Foster interrupted by Zeus, who it turns out has been listening and snacking the whole time. Recognizing the situation Thor is faced with, Zeus offers his help, leading him away and into the next clip.


Zeus shares the secrets of thunder with Thor in this final clip, bestowing upon him a Thunderbolt of his very own and pointing him towards Eternity. Jane Foster reclaims Mjolnir, and the pair set off.

New Scenes Show a Different Thor 4

These deleted scenes are quite interesting, showcasing the many ways in which director Taika Waititi approached Thor: Love and Thunder. Clearly, a lot of these clips were alternate takes, different versions of scenes where actors were allowed to flex their comedic instincts. As with the first clip, this results in a slightly different version of a familiar scene.

More fascinating are those deleted scenes that show a completely different story to the one fans remember from theaters. Perhaps most unique is the shifted dynamic between Thor and Zeus

Unlike in the actual film, where the two gods part ways on less than cordial terms, here it seems that Zeus almost becomes a paternal figure, giving Thor a speech about the nature of lighting that feels very reminiscent of Odin's "God of Hammers" speech in Thor: Ragnarok.

Likely cut to make room for a more dramatic relationship between the two, the scene is at least interesting in what it exposes about the process of the film's production. Clearly, a good bit of the film was rewritten, with characters taking on entirely new roles and changing relationships with the titular Thors of the movie. 

Exactly at what point these changes were made is unclear, since Waititi could have tried out different versions of scenes on the first go-around or re-structured things during reshoots.

Regardless, the scenes supply an interesting bit of context, showing fans an alternate version of what Thor: Love and Thunder could have looked like.