Watch: Thor 4 Deleted Scene Shows Russell Crowe's Zeus Visiting Sick Jane

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Thor Love and Thunder, Zeus, Jane Foster

Gods were at the forefront of Thor: Love and Thunder as Christian Bale's Gorr the God Butcher sought to bring an end to the omnipotent beings. As part of that, MCU fans were introduced to a multitude of new gods including Russell Crowe's Zeus.

Thor and his Asgardian comrades encountered the God of Lightning during their visit to Omnipotent City in the hopes of recruiting help to fight Gorr. Unfortunately, things didn't quite go to plan, but nonetheless, the group left on bad terms with Zeus' chief weapon, the Thunderbolt.

With Zeus' sights now set on Chris Hemsworth's Thor as he sends his son, Hercules, after the Avenger, a deleted scene from Love and Thunder has offered a peek at an alternate path for the Greek God.

Thor 4's Zeus Returns in Deleted Scene

PEOPLE exclusively revealed a new deleted scene from Thor: Love and Thunder ahead of the MCU flick's upcoming home release. The scrapped clip features Russell Crowe's Zeus as he visits an ailing Jane Foster in hospital.

The scene serves as an extension of Thor's conversation with Jane after discovering Mjolnir was worsening her cancer. Zeus, after eavesdropping on the dialogue, entered to offer the God of Thunder "something he may need."

The full deleted scene - titled "Fighting For You" - can be seen below, as shared by Asgard Archive:

Thor 4 Changed Zeus' Role

Thor 4, Love and Thunder, Zeus
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Zeus' visit to Thor and Foster in the hospital clearly comes from a cut in which the Greek God of Lightning had a drastically different role.

For one, Zeus doesn't appear to have any anger toward Thor, indicating that the Norse God didn't attempt to kill him in revenge for his attack on Korg in this cut. Presumably, removing that rivalry would eliminate the post-credit scene in which Zeus sent his son Hercules - played by Brett Goldstein - to kill Thor.

Another intriguing detail comes with his offer to the God of Thunder of "something he may need," which was almost certainly his Thunderbolt weapon. Perhaps this means that Love and Thunder once saw Thor and his comrades depart Omnipotent City empty-handed and on good terms.

As a whole, the resultant changes in the final cut may have been for the best. After all, the promise of an impending conflict between Thor and Hercules was one of the most intriguing details to come out of the flick. 

One also has to question the tone of this extended conversation between Chris Hemsworth's hero and a dying Foster. Love and Thunder was already panned by many for its focus on comedy and this iteration of the dialogue certainly brought unnecessary light to an emotional moment.

Thor: Love and Thunder starts streaming on Disney+ on September 8.

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