Thor 4: Marvel Restricted Chris Hemsworth’s Filming Schedule Over Death Concerns

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Chris Hemsworth revealed how Marvel Studios restricted his filming schedule for his Disney+ show Limitless so that the star didn’t die before he could shoot Thor: Love and Thunder.

Hemsworth is most known by many as Thor Odinson, the superhero who has been a key part of eight different MCU movies. But, unsurprisingly, he’s also a big fitness buff.

Enter Limitless, a show that involved Chris Hemsworth testing the boundaries of the human body with intense exercise stunts—such as pulling a car with a rope or swimming in freezing waters. Going by the shape Hemsworth was in the last time he was seen promoting Thor, he’s certainly built enough for it.

Though, that didn’t stop Marvel Studios from worrying about its tent pole star. In fact, it even decided to make sure Hemsworth prioritized the studio over the dangerous Disney+ outing.

Marvel Studios Concerned by Chris Hemsworth’s Limitless

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While speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Thor Star Chris Hemsworth revealed how Marvel held up his work on the actor’s Disney+ exercise show Limitless so that he didn’t die before filming Love and Thunder.

Hemsworth noted how he was going to have to do a potentially dangerous stunt involving a top climb, but Marvel Studios stepped in and pulled the actor out, saying that “the show… might kill him:”

“… I was gonna pull a car across a flat track of land. And I hurt my back doing that and they said, ‘Oh, let’s do a rope climb.’ So I started doing the rope climb and the guy who was training me said, ‘You know what, you wanna be as lean and light as possible. You wanna be strong but don’t put on too much weight.’ So I said, Great, we’ll do it before I shoot Thor: [Love and Thunder].’ Anyway, I started training, I blow my ankle out… and Marvel stepped in and said, ‘No. The show that might kill him, you can do that after our film.’”

By the time the actor was set to film the stunt, his trainer was convinced that it would be “the hardest thing you’ve ever done:”

“…And so by the time I came to actually shoot it, I was at the end of Thor: [Love and Thunder] and I was Thor size. And my trainer looked at me and said, ‘You’re screwed. This is going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.’ And it just [wasn’t] even about strength. It became will and it’s just a fist fight to try and get up the [rope].”

When asked what his family thinks about his adventures on Limitless, the actor joked that his dad doesn’t like it but that his wife is perfectly fine with the whole idea:

“My dad was like, ’Don’t do it. This is crazy. What are you doing?… Because he likes me, yeah. My wife, on the other hand… Um, no. Like alright, you’ll be fine. Go. Remember to do the dishes when you get back. No, she– all of them were like, ‘Why are you doing this again?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know. To live longer?’ ‘And what if you fall, you don’t live long… No…’ (shrugs)”

Where Will Chris Hemsworth Be Next at Disney?

It’s completely understandable that Marvel Studios wouldn’t want to put the life of one of its biggest stars on the line—no matter how much Chris Hemsworth wanted it.

Hopefully, his streak of living won’t be ending any time soon. At least, not only did Hemsworth film Love and Thunder, but he managed to finish a whole season of Limitless as well.

Currently, the future of the star in both worlds is a complete unknown. No one knows for sure when Thor will be showing up again in the MCU, and Limitless has not yet been renewed for more episodes.

Though, it seems clear that Hemsworth’s days as the God of Thunder aren’t over yet. Not only did he live by the end of the fourth film, but he also gained both a child and a new enemy in Hercules.

Hopefully, those are two plot lines the star will be able to stick around for—even if that means defying death in insanely dangerous stunts for Disney+.

Both Thor: Love and Thunder and Limitless are streaming on Disney+.

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