Chris Hemsworth Will Reportedly Be Even Funnier In Thor 4

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At this point, with so many MCU projects being released at a rapid-fire pace, it's now possible to simply forget about all the projects past a certain point—which is understandable, given that this year alone will bring fans ten MCU projects. That's equivalent to what Marvel Studios put out over the course of its first six years.

That amount of Marvel content grows exponentially the further in the future one looks. But with Loki being on everyone's mind right now, especially with what is now set up for the MCU as a whole, it's important not to forget about his brother—a different God who has his own film coming out.

While it may not be the same as the Disney+ show, Thor is set to have his own adventures next year. Adventures that will bring us more Guardians of the Galaxy, Jane Foster's God of Thunder, and Gorr the God Butcher.  Thor may not be hanging with the TVA, but he certainly still has his plate full.

Of course, director Taika Waititi is back at the helm, which means that the humor that fans loved in Thor: Ragnarok will be back, and greater than ever before. Something even Karen Gillian has confirmed, having read the script herself.


In an interview with Collider, Karen Gillan commented on having read the script for the upcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder. On top of being excited that the Guardians are in it, she specifically mentions that Chris Hemsworth's Thor is "even more hilarious than he was last time."

“My reaction reading the script was excitement. It was like this is gonna be a hell of a ride. It’s Taika at his best and his most Taika. The Guardians in it I think are just hilarious, and also Thor is even more hilarious than he was the last time.”


It comes as no surprise that Chris Hemsworth is set to ramp up his comedic talents. Thor: Ragnarok all but reinvented his character, giving Thor—and Chris Hemsworth himself—a blank slate. Taika Waititi discovered many hidden talents and quirks to accentuate in the world of Thor, and among them was leaning into Hemsworth's comedic chops.

Chops that many were happy to finally see discovered and utilized. Prior to Waititi's take on Thor, the character wasn't all too funny. In fact, even Chris Hemsworth thought the character was growing stale. Which is why he fought for more drastic changes, ones that Waititi was happy to bring to the table. 

Of course, Thor: Ragnarok is a wacky and zany film. It's hard to imagine getting a sequel that is funnier or more crazy out of this world. Though, Waititi seems pretty confident that Thor: Love and Thunder is going to be one of the best things he's made—though he claims that it is so crazy that it probably shouldn't be allowed to exist. 

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