The Night Manager Season 2 Gets Exciting Update from Tom Hiddleston

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Tom Hiddleston, Night Manager

The Night Manager star Tom Hiddleston teased a potential Season 2 for the hit AMC drama. 

Based on the 1993 espionage novel by John le Carré', The Night Manager tells the story of a hotel night porter who becomes involved in an international conspiracy after being asked to spy on a suspicious business proprietor staying at his establishment. 

Developed for the BBC across the pod, the star-studded adaptation was picked up by AMC stateside, bringing the crime drama to American audiences. 

Season 1 was met with critical acclaim, earning three Golden Globe nominations and warranting rumors of a Season 2 being on the horizon. 

The Night Manager Season 2 Teased

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Tom Hiddleston hinted at the state of The Night Manager Season 2 as part of a recent interview. 

While speaking on Josh Horowitz's Happy, Sad, Confused podcast, Hiddleston was asked directly if a Season 2 of the hit series was on the way, to which the Loki actor let slip, "Some ingredients have been bought, and they are in the kitchen on the table" but would not confirm whether it was happening or not:

"This is kind of in the lap of Simon and Stephen Cornwell at Inkfactory who happen to be John le Carré's sons. And I think definitely some ingredients have been bought, and they are in the kitchen on the table, the stoves are being turned on."

He added that while nothing concrete has been announced, "there is definitely plans:"

"There are cooks in the kitchen. We will see what can be cooked up in that kitchen. We will see, but there is definitely plans."

When Will The Night Manager Season 2 Release?

While official news regarding The Night Manager Season 2 has been sparse, Tom Hiddleston has all but confirmed news is coming soon. 

It was back in February 2023 that Deadline officially confirmed Season 2 of the hit series was in the works, but the updates stopped there. 

According to that initial reporting, the second batch of episodes was set to film later this year in London under the codename Steelworks, but BBC has yet to make an announcement of Season 2 public.

If the show was set to film this year, those plans were likely derailed thanks to the actors' and writers' strikes in Hollywood that dominated headlines for much of this year. 

Given both work stoppages have not been resolved, the series can officially move forward unimpeded, if it is - in fact - happening.

Producer Simon Cornwell teased in mid-October he has been "[fantasizing] about Night Manager 2," but his dad "only wrote one book [of that story]" (via Radio Times):

“We all still love to fantasise about 'Night Manager 2.' And to this day people still ask us about it. Personally, I’d love there to be one, but Dad only wrote one book [of that story]."

While this is by no means a confirmation of Season 2, it could indicate he (and the Night Manager team) are working hard to make it happen as soon as possible.

If Season 2 is on the cards - and was supposed to film in 2023 - audiences can expect it to finally get in front of cameras sometime in 2024. 

That would likely put a potential release either late next year or in early 2025. 

The Night Manager Season 1 can be streamed now on Amazon Prime Video

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