The Mandalorian's Helmet Impacted a Unique Golden Globes Rule Change

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Pedro Pascal could have a Golden Globes for The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian 's debut outing on Disney+ last fall proved to be a tremendous success. The eight-episode first season earned high praise from critics and fans while also being the most in-demand TV series in the world. The success of The Mandalorian mostly banked on the great chemistry and the space-hopping adventures between its two leads: Din Djarin and The Child.

Pedro Pascal, who plays Din Djarin in The Mandalorian , had a great run during the first season of the show with his first foray in the Star Wars lore. Many fans would agree that the performance of Pascal could've put him up for an award or two, but it seems that a technicality prevented him from doing so. Now, it appears that the uniqueness of his performance has prompted a change that will certainly have a lasting effect on the entertainment industry...


Variety has revealed that Pedro Pascal was "eligible to compete" for a Golden Globes award last year, even though the actor is wearing a helmet for almost the entirety of the series. Fans had a short glimpse of Pascal in costume during the season finale of the first season.

For context, it was announced by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association last Wednesday that “voice-only performances are not eligible in any acting category," but the outlet's insiders revealed that the unusual situation revolving Pascal "prompted" the HFPA to clarify the rule, which ultimately led for them to make the change. It was then revealed by the HFPA that Pascal "could have been nominated" for an award last year.


Pedro Pascal being nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance in the series could've been the cherry on top of The Mandalorian 's long list of success. While the attention and fan discussion mostly centered on the instant fame of Baby Yoda, Pascal's performance as the titular character should not be dismissed.

Pascal previously revealed that working with a puppet (Baby Yoda) served as a unique challenge for him but that he ultimately found common ground given the show's success. This just shows the actor's dedication and compromise to the role, and him not winning any award for his performance was likely a disappointment for many. With Season 2 around the corner , Pascal's promise of it being even more mind-blowing along with the plethora of characters joining him should be enough to replicate or even surpass the inaugural season's success.

Nevertheless, the rule change made by the Golden Globes could potentially earn him a nomination next year. This situation revolving around Pascal's Mandalorian could possibly even impact more rule changes for certain awards moving forward.

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