Is The Lost Boys 2024 Remake With Evan Peters Real or Fake? New Movie Speculation Explained

By Savannah Sanders Posted:
Evan Peters, The Lost Boys movie poster

Marketing for a 2024 remake of The Lost Boys starring Evan Peters and other popular stars sparked online interest and speculation. 

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The Lost Boys Remake Rumor Explained

A poster for a remake of 1987's The Lost Boys has audiences anticipating the modern-day redo and its roster of popular talent.

Described as being directed by Thor: Ragnarok's Taika Waititi, the poster spotlights Dune: Part Two's Timothée Chalamet, X-Men star Evan Peters, and Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things.

The Lost Boys fake remake poster

So is this team-up between Waititi, Chalamet, and Quicksilver's Peters legit? 

While fans may be intrigued by the prospect, the poster and its synopsis were unfortunately created and shared by a satirical Facebook page known for creating fake movie posters.

Is Another Remake of The Lost Boys Happening?

This 2024 remake of The Lost Boys may not be real, but that's not to say there haven't been efforts to revive the '80s vampire classic. 

Deadline reported in 2020 that The CW filmed a pilot for a Rob Thomas television reboot of the original film.

While the series wasn't picked up at the time, The CW President Mark Pedowitz still expressed interest in the project, calling Thomas' take on The Lost Boys "a passion of mine" and that "I'm hoping to keep it going:"

Lost Boys is a passion of mine personally, having Rob attached to it. Once we get through this climate, we will make a determination on how best to proceed with Lost Boys. I’m hoping to keep it going.”

Tyler Posey, known for Teen Wolf, starred in the pilot and later explained to Gizmodo why it didn't move forward, noting how "creatively, there were a lot of differences:"

"I was, we filmed it ... just the pilot. I love 'The Lost Boys'. I really wanted to make that happen and I think, creatively, there were a lot of differences, from the network, from the creators, so I think it was just maybe the wrong fit for everybody. The wrong time, maybe. And then I just felt like the guy to remake '80s vampire/werewolf movies and so I was down to be that guy."

But that's not where The Lost Boys remake story ends. 

In 2021, The Hollywood Reporter shared news of a reimagined redo starring A Quiet Place's Noah Jupe and Jaeden Martell from It and directed by Jonathan Entwistle. 

However, as of 2024, Warner Bros. has not shared any further updates. 

The original The Lost Boys is available for rent and purchase online.

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