WandaVision Concept Art Reveals Thor Easter Egg That Got Scrapped

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WandaVision Thor costume Billy

In the months following WandaVision's finale on Disney+, the show's creators have pulled back the curtain on the making of the series, sharing stories of all-night writing sessions and early ideas and designs via concept art

What makes these reveals all the more interesting is that WandaVision isn't the last fans have seen of Wanda, Billy, Tommy, and possibly White Vision(?) as Wanda Maximoff is set to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and likely in pursuit of her boys.

Plus, Marvel appears to be laying the groundwork for a Young Avengers project that includes Billy and Tommy, especially since the boys appeared in WandaVision's Halloween-themed episode in costumes of their comic book personas.

However, recently revealed concept art shows that Billy underwent a costume change or two before "All-New Halloween Spooktacular!" streamed on Disney+, and his original look echoed that of a familiar Avenger. 



Apparently, Loki wasn't the only Disney+ series where a version of Chris Hemsworth's Thor was to make an appearance in some form or fashion. 

At a Marvel Studios Visual Development Panel for Icon Manilla, Marvel's Andy Park shared new concept art of Billy and Tommy's Halloween costumes; and apparently, the design for Billy Maximoff's costume originally echoed the God of Thunder.

WandaVision Billy Thor Costume
Marvel Studios

Instead of the costume audiences saw in the finished episode, this artwork shows Billy with Asgardian-style helmet wings and a red cape - reminiscent of Thor's look in the original Thor film. 

He's also sporting gauntlets resembling those worn by his character of Wiccan in the comics. 

WandaVision Tommy Maximoff Costume
Marvel Studios

The concept art also showed Tommy Maximoff's costume; and while it's largely what audiences saw on screen, the color has a slightly greener undertone than the Pietro-inspired light blue hue he sports in the show. 


So was Billy trying to cosplay as Thor for Halloween? Not exactly. 

In the comics, Billy actually patterned his superhero persona on Thor and even called himself the Asgardian before adopting the name Wiccan.

In a sense, the costume he's wearing in this artwork is more reflective of his character's inspirations and evolution as opposed to just his abilities.

Now, while the series confirmed that Tommy has super speed, the slightly different color of his costume is a faithful nod to his persona, Speed, who wore silver and green - not blue like his Uncle Pietro (a.k.a. Quicksilver) - in the comics. 

While the reasons for why their costumes - and especially Billy's - changed from these concepts to what audiences saw in the show are unknown, it's possible that Marvel fans will see Billy and Tommy in actual costumes in the future, especially as the release for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness approaches and as Young Avengers rumors persist. 

In the meantime, all episodes of WandaVision, including its Halloween-themed episode, are streaming now on Disney+.

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