Loki's New Concept Art Reveals Best Look at Thor's Frog Variant, Throg

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After appearing in 2011's Thor, Tom Hiddleston won everyone's hearts as the God of Mischief. Now, a decade later, he has his own solo show––one which has been a smash hit across the board.

It would seem that even a brutal death wouldn't keep Hiddleston out of the MCU. Instead, not only has his character turned more into a hero than audiences have ever seen, but the series Loki was even renewed for a second season. 

The show was full of great nods to the comics, including the multiple Loki's seen throughout the six episodes, the many hints towards Kang's presence, and even something as infamous as the Thanos copter––one that James Gunn personally adored.

There was one great inclusion in the show that sadly didn't get its due time: Throg, aka Frog Thor. Appearing ever so briefly in "The Void," Throg is seen jumping around, trapped in a small jar underground.

Loki Thor Frog

Thankfully, now that the series is out in the wild, someone behind Loki has seen it fit to show more of the amphibian God of Thunder.


Longtime Marvel Studios concept artist Ryan Meinerding posted a brand-new look at Frog Thor on Instagram, who appears in Loki's fifth episode.

Marvel, MCU, Loki, Throg

His proper name is Throg, and Meinerding's art of the character was used as a vehicle to give some appreciation to all of the artists who worked so hard on making Loki a reality.

Meinerding notes that "[he] was fortunate to have led the Vis Dev team on Loki," going on to list people who worked on the project that all "delivered truly extraordinary designs and key frames":

"Throg! I was fortunate to have led the Vis Dev team on Loki. Our small but mighty team including @wes_burt @rodneyimages @alexander_mandradjiev, @kortizart, @ianjoynerart @joshnizzi.art @Johnstaubart @henriktamm really delivered truly extraordinary designs and key frames. Thank you guys for your amazing work!!"


Marvel, MCU, Throg, Loki

The very short appearance of Throg in Loki's fifth episode was great, but it's a far cry from actually seeing the character adapted in any real form. Hopefully, a future project can have some fun with him; in fact, Taika Watiti's Thor Love and Thunder is a real contender in that regard.

The character was actually set to be in a bigger gag in the show's first episode, but it was cut out due to pacing and tonal reasons. So, instead of scrapping it all, Marvel Studios chose to stick the mighty Throg in where they could––which in this case was a glass jar. 

Funny enough, Chris Hemsworth actually did offer up his voice for the role. In a time of struggle, the fact that fans will never get to hear the Might Thor truly voice a stubborn and strong-willed frog is easily the biggest tragedy of 2021.

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