The Last of Us Season 2: Set Photos Reveal First Look at Ellie's Girlfriend Dina

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The Last of Us' Bella Ramsey as Ellie, Isabel Merced

Fans now have their first look at Ellie's girlfriend Dina, played by Isabela Merced, from the upcoming Season 2 of The Last of Us on Max.

Ever since the first season of the hit HBO series finished, audiences have been antsy to see what key elements of The Last of Us Part II would look like as a TV show.

Of course, there is that key Joel Miller moment, but there is also the introduction of new characters such as Kaitlyn Dever's Abby and a whole new community to get to know following a sizeable time jump of five years.

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Come Get a Look at Isabela Merced's Dinah

New images shared by Candagraphs' Patreon reveal the first look at Isabela Merced's Dina in Season 2 of Last of Us, Ellie's girlfriend who was first introduced in the Last of Us Part II video game.

Dinah and Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2
Naughty Dog

The photos, which can also be seen in the X (formerly Twitter) post below, show Bella Ramsey & Merced on the Vancouver set together as Ellie and Dina. It is unclear exactly when during the second season's story this is, but it is likely sometime early on.

The Patreon post also shared some details about where the photos were taken. The outlet noted how these were their "1st set photos of cast working on The Last of Us Season 2:"

"My 1st set photos of cast working on The Last Of Us season two.
This was the least accommodating set I have worked in a few years..... which is weird, since there's no spoilers that can be dropped, as its literally copied from a video game."

Not many details about the sequence were given, but they described the pair being "on a horse outside of the Weston Pharmacy:"

"At this set, they had Bella Ramsey as Ellie, doing a scene with Isabela Merced as Dina, as the pair are on a horse outside of the Weston Pharmacy that you saw from my last set of photos. This set was so tight, I am inclined to believe these are the only photos of them that were taken where you can actually identify them in the photos. Only way I got the pics of them on the horse, was shooting through two panes of glass."

What Is Ahead for Dina in The Last of Us

It is hard to tell what exactly might be happening at the point in The Last of Us Season 2's story from which these set photos were captured, but there are two notable guesses as to where this is happening.

One is that it's equivalent to the very beginning of the game, where Dina and Ellie take a stroll in Jackson, Wyoming. This serves as the player's introduction to Dina and happens before she and Ellie ever get together.

Another good guess would be at some point after both Ellie and Dina leave for Seattle. The two are only venturing around alone for a short amount of time before Dina gets sequestered in a local theater for a couple of days.

In both cases, fans seem to be getting a glimpse at a moment from one of the first few episodes of Season 2. While Dina is in the later parts of the story, those moments are in notably different circumstances, which are not reflected in these set photos.

The Last of Us Season 1 is now streaming on Max.

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