Is The Iron Giant 2: Reforged Releasing In 2024? New Sequel Movie Speculation Explained

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Iron Giant

Promotion for The Iron Giant 2: Reforged has fans anticipating a long-awaited sequel to the cult-favorite animated film.

The Iron Giant Sequel Rumors Explained

An online poster for a rumored sequel to The Iron Giant has audiences questioning if The Iron Giant 2: Reforged is truly releasing in December 2024.

In addition to the title and its release date, the poster shows the Iron Giant standing in the woods with a tiny Hogarth in his hand. 

Vin Diesel, who voiced the giant in the 1999 film, and actor Noah Jupe are both listed as the sequel's stars. 

The Iron Giant 2 fan-made poster

Despite audience interest in a sequel to The Iron Giant, unfortunately, The Iron Giant 2 and its poster are fan-made and not actually coming to theaters this December. 

Will The Iron Giant Ever Get a Sequel?

Despite the fandom and nostalgia surrounding The Iron Giant, when the film was first released in 1999, it was considered a financial flop. 

On X (formerly known as Twitter), Brad Bird, who directed The Iron Giant in his directorial debut, cited the film's box office woes as one of the reasons why a sequel was never made. 

As for the other reason, The Incredibles director claimed "There's no need," as he was able to tell the story he wanted from start to finish. 

Whether that's still how Brad Bird feels, and whether Warner Bros. will ever opt to make those fan-made ideas and posters a reality, is unknown. 

But despite the lack of a confirmed sequel on the cinematic horizon, 1999 was far from the last time audiences saw the giant on the big screen. 

In 2018, the Iron Giant appeared in Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One which was proof of the film's cult following and its pop culture status. 

Warner Bros. also included the character in 2021's Space Jam: A New Legacy where he fist-bumped King Kong following the Tune Squad's victory.

Since animated sequels and nostalgia continue to be in vogue with studios, and given Vin Diesel's ever-growing resume of voice acting roles, it wouldn't be surprising if The Iron Giant 2 eventually becomes a reality. 

But for now, any posters or titles are simply fan fiction. 

The Iron Giant is available for rent or purchase via most online retailers.

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