Is a ‘The Never Ending Story’ Remake Coming In 2024? New Movie Speculation Explained

By Jennifer McDonough Posted:
Neverending Story Dragon

With a fresh poster for a supposed 2024 Never Ending Story remake currently making the rounds on social media, fan speculation is swirling about whether the rumors of a sequel are fact or fiction.

The NeverEnding Story is a popular fantasy movie released in 1984. Based upon the book of the same name by Michael Ende, the film starred Noah Hathaway and Barrett Oliver.

Two sequels spawned from the success of the original: The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter and The NeverEnding Story III: Escape from Fantasia. Though neither reached the heights of popularity the first movie achieved, the second and third parts were universally panned.

Is a NeverEnding Story Remake in the Works?

A Facebook page called YODA BBY ABY added an image of what looks to be a poster for a NeverEnding Story sequel/remake, showing the iconic character Falkor. 

However, the poster in question is completely phony.

Fake NeverEnding Story poster
YODA BBY ABY Facebook Page

This Facebook page has been labeled as ”satire” and routinely posts fake posters but the bogus one-sheet stirred up much speculation among fans who might not be clued in.

The page even went as far as to write a false synopsis to go along with their graphical trickery:


Get ready for an epic journey beyond imagination in ‘The Neverending Story.’ Join Bastian, all grown up, as he battles against forgotten memories that hold the fate of Fantasia. Unleash the magic this August 2024 – a cinematic adventure where the past must be remembered to save the future.”

In actuality, there was indeed a new, genuine NeverEnding Story film in the works back in 2009 (via The Hollywood Reporter). Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy’s production company reportedly acquired the rights and intended to develop a new installment.

However, a couple of years later in 2011, Kennedy remarked (via IndieWire) that the rights situation for the franchise was not as clear cut as was initially reported, noting that things were “very, very complicated:”

“Nothing’s ever been able to be resolved with the rights, unfortunately. It’s very, very complicated with Warner Bros., and other books that have been written with similar characters. It’s too bad, because there’s an opportunity with that book because it’s so beautifully written, but I guess it’s not meant to be.”

In 2022, Deadline made it known that a bidding war had been sparked for the option to turn The NeverEnding Story into a television series. Writer Michael Ende’s estate was indicated to be willing to adapt the property for the medium of TV. But no further developments have materialized on this front.

While no continuation or reboot of The NeverEnding Story is presently being made, it’s worth noting that the original 1984 classic will return to theaters in July of 2024 for its 40th anniversary.

Will The NeverEnding Story Eventually Continue?

With a title like The NeverEnding Story, one would think that the fictional world of Fantasia in which it takes place would be continuously ripe for additional live-action media.

But it is not always that simple. It would seem that the rights for the series remain an issue, which likely comes, in part, from dealing with Michael Ende’s estate. Oftentimes, the surviving family of authors are extremely protective of their works and can be very particular with how they’re adapted.

Still, it seems like the estate is quite willing to play ball for a NeverEnding Story TV show. No official word has been given in that regard though.

The three existing NeverEnding Story movies do not currently call any major streaming service home but they can be purchased wherever feature films are sold.

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