Is an Edward Scissorhands Remake Releasing In 2025? New Timothee Chalamet Movie Speculation Explained

By Jennifer McDonough Posted:
Edward Scissorhands poster, Timothee Chalamet

Speculation has swirled over Timothée Chalamet possibly starring in a new version of the cult Tim Burton classic Edward Scissorhands.

In 1990, Tim Burton introduced the world to Edward Scissorhands, a gentle-minded societal outcast, created by a mysterious inventor and with scissors and blades for hands, played by Johnny Depp.

Edward Scissorhands captured the hearts and imaginations of millions over the years and the film remains one of Burton’s most beloved works.

What’s the Deal With Those Edward Scissorhands Remake Images?

Recently, many have been wondering about the development of a possible remake of Edward Scissorhands.

The speculation has largely been fueled by viral images featuring Timothée Chalamet in the title role that have been posted to Facebook by the page Movie 11.

However, the images in question are bogus fabrications that were generated by artificial intelligence. Moreover, the possibility of a new Edward Scissorhands film seems about as strong as the ability of the townspeople’s acceptance of Edward, which is to say, not very.

At the time of writing, no Edward Scissorhands remake, reboot, or sequel is currently in the works.

Though for fans of the original who long to revisit that world, a Super Bowl commercial (viewable via YouTube channel Toppers) might just serve as the next best thing. 

In 2021, Cadillac brought back Winona Ryder to reprise her role as Kim Boggs for a Big Game spot centering around Edgar Scissorhands, the son of the character played by Johnny Depp in the 1990 movie.

Cadillac’s marketing team, likely working closely with Warner Bros. which owns the Scissorhands IP, cast none other than Timothée Chalamet as Edgar for the advertisement.

Tim Burton Will Bring Back Another Classic Movie This Fall

Although nothing new related to Edward Scissorhands is presently in development, director Tim Burton is still making a return voyage into the realm of one of his other hit movies from 30+ years ago.

Warner Bros.’ Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, set to hit theaters on September 6, will reunite much of the cast from the first Beetlejuice film from 1988, including the Ghost with the Most himself, Michael Keaton as the chaotic apparition Betelgeuse.

If the Beetlejuice sequel is a major success, Warner Bros. (WB) could try and coax Burton into mining some of his other past films for potential follow-ups, including, perhaps, Edward Scissorhands

WB owns the rights to much of Burton’s filmography, and while not all of those movies warrant sequels, that notion has traditionally not stopped Hollywood.

The original, 1990 Edward Scissorhands can be streamed on Max and purchased wherever movies are sold.

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