The Flash Post-Credits Scene Isn't Worth Your Time (Spoiler Description)

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DC's The Flash has a post-credits scene, but, unfortunately, it may not be worth audiences sticking around for, so here's a spoiler-filled description.

In a trend started by the MCU, post-credits scenes have become a staple of the superhero genre, with these stingers often being used to deliver surprises and set up the next projects in the franchise.

Although The Flash has no mid-credits scene like most recent comic book projects, the DC blockbuster does hold one post-credits scene featuring two of the DCEU's Justice League heroes.

What Happens in The Flash's Post-Credits Scene?

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for The Flash.

Ezra Miller, Barry Allen, The Flash

At the end of The Flash, after Barry Allen restored the timeline to allow his mother to die, the hero attends his father's court appeal which saw him cleared of all charges as he was accused of her death.

Due to his Multiversal antics, Ezra Miller's Flash was left in a new universe where George Clooney is now Batman - as opposed to Ben Affleck or Michael Keaton.

Jason Momoa, Aquaman, Justice League

The Flash's post-credits scene takes place after the movie's ending, seemingly once again in this new universe, where Barry Allen carries Jason Momoa's drunk Aquaman out of a bar onto the streets of Central City.

Barry appears to be recounting his recent Multiversal shenanigans to Aquaman, even referencing how Momoa's Arthur Curry was actually a dog in the other universe but was equally "loveable, furry, loyal [and] motivated by bacon."

Jason Momoa, Aquaman, Justice League

While Arthur was originally meant to sleep on Barry's couch after their night out, the Atlantean hero instead passes out in a puddle on the street where his Justice League comrade ultimately abandoned him.

Generally speaking, The Flash's post-credits scene isn't worth most audience members sticking around for. The gag stinger doesn't tease anything from the future, has minimal story consequence, and arguably isn't all that funny either.

The True Meaning of The Flash's Post-Credits Scene

Both Marvel and DC have long been using post-credits scenes to tease future projects in their cinematic universes. But The Flash is in a unique position on that front as the movie marks the end of the old DCEU and the blue brand sets course for a reboot under James Gunn, so there isn't quite a next movie to tease.

However, the scene does confirm one important story detail, as the scene reveals that the Aquaman living in this new universe with George Clooney's Batman is still played by Jason Momoa, and he even knows Ezra Miller's Barry Allen. This likely indicates the Justice League still exists in some form.

With Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom coming this December, this explains how the Atlantean sequel could take place after The Flash, as Arthur Curry's corner of the DC world may just be unaffected by the timeline shifts.

At one point, Michael Keaton was poised to cameo in Aquaman 2 when he was set to take over as the DCEU's new Batman, then that was replaced with Ben Affleck when that plan was abandoned. If this scene were to make it into the sequel, it's likely Clooney would be the one to wear the Dark Knight suit.

But then again, it's also entirely possible Aquaman 2 will take place before The Flash and include Ben Affleck, or the Dark Knight-related scene may have just been abandoned altogether as that universe comes to an end.

The Flash hits theaters on Friday, June 16.

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