The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Merch Offer New Looks at Sebastian Stan & Anthony Mackie's Heroes

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Falcon & The Winter Soldier posters

When Marvel revealed their Phase 4 slate last year, the excitement was palpable. To see just a glimpse as to what could possibly follow Avengers: Endgame was monumental at the time.

One of the biggest differences this time around was that alongside the Phase 4 movies, Marvel Studios was going to present an additional six TV shows for Disney+.  That marked their very first step into the world of Television, giving them an opportunity to tap into the unique storytelling structure. The first two shows on the docket were Falcon & The Winter Soldier and WandaVision , both with release dates in August and December 2020, respectively.

But then COVID-19 hit, forcing shutdowns across the entire world--the MCU included.

Marvel's first two shows were weeks away from finishing production but were left unable to finish.  With that, we entered into the longest drought of MCU content that the world had experienced since its inception. A drought that has still not ended. Needless to say, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier did not make its August 2019 release date. While the show has now finished, it stands in limbo, with no release date. Information about the series, including sneak peaks of any kind, have been very limited and nearly non-existent. However, it now seems that things are starting to leak through the cracks.


Thanks to Zazzle , we have a sneak peek at some high quality promotional artwork from Falcon & The Winter Soldier .

The first image shows the title characters Falcon & The Winter Soldier side-by-side, with Captain America's shield ever present in the background. Besides Bucky's short hair, his costume looks just like how you'd think it would. Sam, on the other hand, is rocking a new costume, finally sporting Falcon's signature red and white colors.

Falcon & The Winter Soldier Promo Art 1

The second image showcases Bucky as The Winter Soldier, with a new haircut and Wakandan arm still in tow. His new jacket is quite stylish. Behind him you can see the logo for The Winter Soldier.

Falcon & The Winter Soldier Promo Art 2

The third image is in the same vein as the second, but with Sam Wilson's Falcon in the spotlight. We get a closer look at the suit, but like the Bucky image before, they seem to be the same artwork as the first image. Behind him you can see the logo for The Falcon.

Falcon & The Winter Soldier Promo 3

The fourth image is Sam's Falcon in a new pose, but in stylized artwork. Falcon certainly looks ready for a fight, and we get an even better look at his new logo behind him.

Falcon & The Winter Soldier Promo 4

The fifth and final image is stylized artwork of both Falcon & The Winter Soldier--with Bucky in combat, and Falcon in a flying pose.

Falcon & The Winter Soldier Promo 5

It's nice to finally start seeing promotional stuff from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . Recently WandaVision has had all the spotlight. WandaVision is great and all, but TFATWS was scheduled to release far before it, so one can't help but feel like we should have seen more by now. Hopefully this slow trickle of promotional images is a sign that we may be approaching the start of the show's marketing. With WandaVision set to release in just over a month, it's getting about time to start hyping up the next project.

As for the promotional images themselves, they don't really reveal all too much on their own. Yes, we get a nice look at their costumes, but that's about it. The most notable thing to pick out of them is that in Falcon's suit and superhero pics, there is no shield in-hand. This all but confirms that Sam will not have the shield to start off. For what reason, we'll have to wait for the show to release.  With that note though, it would seem a foregone conclusion that Sam will in fact have two new suits to show off once his flagship show airs. Here's to hoping that it looks ripped straight off the pages.

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March 19, 2021
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