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The Direct Podcast: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Primer - What To Know Before Watching

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Marvel, MCU
By Liam Crowley




The MCU is really spoiling us this year.

After just one week off, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 4 continues next Friday when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres on Disney+. Before we dive into that star-spangled series, we have a lot to catch up on

We walk through everything this show has experienced before releasing, from production delays to casting rumors. Additionally, we answer YOUR FAN QUESTIONS with special guest Brandon Davis of How did our titular heroes get here? What effect will this show have on the greater MCU? Will it live up to WandaVision 's gold standard?


1:44 - Release, Cast and Crew, Synopsis

10:26 - Production and Promotion

20:41 - Our Heroes' Timelines

24:22 - Plot Details

34:38 - Fan Questions (w/ Brandon Davis)

1:08:14 - Our Expectations