The Creator Movie Reviews: Critics Share Strong First Reactions

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Upon its first social media reactions, Gareth Edwards' The Creator is receiving strong reviews among critics.

The original film is produced by 20th Century Studios (owned by Disney) and stars John David Washington (Tenet) and Gemma Chan (Marvel Studios' Eternals).

This sci-fi flick is inspired by films like Blade Runner, Akira, E.T., and more. Fans are excited to check out Edwards' latest work as it is a fresh idea being tossed into a sea of sequels and familiar IP in theaters.

The Creator Earns Positive First Reactions

The Creator movie, John David Washington
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The social media embargo for The Creator officially dropped at midnight ET on Tuesday, September 19. Soon after, a flood of (mostly) glowing reviews was posted on X (formerly Twitter) praising the new film.

Brandon Davis called The Creator "astonishingly good," telling his followers that "[They] have to see this one:"

"#TheCreator is astonishingly good. Best film of the year and best sci-fi film in ages, in my opinion. Gareth Edwards flips expectations really impressively for a visceral, touching, and creative story of humanity. Genuinely loved it. You have to see this one."

Adding onto the praise, Simon Thompson was surprised by how "emotional" the film was and added that "John David Washington turns in an engaging performance:"

"#TheCreator is breathtaking in scale and vision. Very emotional, much more than anticipated. It’s ambitious and mostly hits the targets it shoots for. John David Washington turns in an engaging performance, a blend of strength and empathy. It should be seen on the big screen."

Griffin Schiller was thrilled after seeing The Creator, calling it  "a MASTERFUL piece of original sci-fi" and then exclaimed that it is "Pure cinema baby:"

"#TheCreator is a MASTERFUL piece of original sci-fi. Gareth Edwards is one of our GREAT filmmakers. A soulful, nuanced, Lucas-like interrogation of human beliefs/biases & our insecurity in the face of something greater. Spectacle & heart to the highest order. Pure cinema baby!"

Earning its first reference to the Academy Awards, Joseph Deckelmeier wrote that "Madeleine Yuna Voyles has to be in the conversations for The Oscars:"

"#TheCreator is a masterpiece & one of the year's best movies. It hits on so many levels with AI being such a hot topic. Gareth Edwards does a masterful job of keeping the audience engaged every step of the way. Madeleine Yuna Voyles has to be in the conversations for The Oscars"

Drawing interesting comparisons, Anthony Galiardi said that The Creator "encapsulates the spirit of 80's Anime" while also adding that it's like "Akira meets Spielbergs A.I."

"#TheCreator encapsulates the spirit of 80's Anime and translates it into MESMERIZING live-action cinema. Think Akira meets Spielbergs A.I. While the lore can be dense, the STUNNING VISUALS & IMMERSIVE ATMOSPHERE have me eager for more tales from this VISIONARY UNIVERSE."

The Creator has "identifiable inspirations" according to Courtney Howard, adding that director "Gareth Edwards constructs an immersive world:"

"Though it pulls from identifiable inspirations, #TheCreator is 1 of the best original sci-fi epics in years. Massively entertaining, enthralling & profound on every level. Gareth Edwards constructs an immersive world & fills it with compelling characters. Absolutely radical."

Kristen Maldonado eased a shocking ending, writing, "The third act surprised me, this film WENT THERE!"

"#TheCreator is an ambitious sci-fi odyssey with a profound take on humanity, acceptance & freedom at its core. John David Washington gives a career best performance, while Madeleine Yuna Voyles proves she’s a young actor to watch. The third act surprised me, this film WENT THERE!"

Beyond the fascinating dystopian elements, Tessa Smith's review pointed out the deeper messaging, writing, "Love the important underlying themes of accepting those who are different from you:"

"Not only is The Creator visually stunning, the story is really emotional, too. I was completely captivated pretty early on. Alphie is adorable! I totally fell in love with her! Love the important underlying themes of accepting those who are different from you. #TheCreator"

Will The Creator Win an Oscar?

Gareth Edwards is best known for being the director of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, arguably one of the best Lucasfilm projects since Disney bought the company.

Rogue One was nominated for Best Sound Mixing and Best Visual Effects at the Academy Awards but did not win. During that time, Edwards won the Best Director award from both the Empire and Saturn Awards.

Following his work in a galaxy far, far away and directing 2014's Godzilla, The Creator gave Edwards much more creative control as he is a writer and producer of the upcoming film.

The expectations are that films like Oppenheimer, Killers of the Flower Moon, and Past Lives could be up for Best Picture at the 96th Academy Awards.

Based on these raving reviews, there may be room for The Creator to get a nomination for the Academy's most recognizable award. However, the film could also be up for awards like Sound Mixing, Original Screenplay, or Best Visual Effects.

Considering the design and impressive CGI look of the AI robots in The Creator and its $80 million budget, rewarding the art and graphics department may be most likely.

The Creator hits theaters on Friday, September 29.

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