The Creator 2: Sequel Prospects Addressed by Director (Exclusive)

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The Creator director Gareth Edwards commented on the chances of his latest blockbuster getting a sequel or spin-off.

Original big-budget sci-fi films are a rarity these days. In that particular genre, the world is so used to getting new entries in an existing franchise or remakes of an old one that something completely new is all but an endangered species.

Yet, thanks to 20th Century Studios and Disney, audiences have gotten The Creator, a fresh story made for the big screen. The movie explores the idea of AI and how the world would look if half had banned the revolutionary technology while the other continued to embrace it.

But one can’t help but wonder, with something as big as The Creator, will there be a sequel? After all, Edwards created an entirely new world—surely he’d want to tell more stories in it.

Will The Creator Get a Sequel?

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In an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, The Creator director Gareth Edwards talked about the possibility of his new movie getting a sequel or spin-off.

The director shared how this movie is “a completely self-contained story” and that the favorite part about cinema is that it ends:

“It was a completely self-contained story. I don't like films personally that tried to set them—you know, unless, you know, going in [that] this is part of a wider story. I feel like it's a bit cocky to just do part one of a three-part thing if it turns out—Basically, my favorite thing about cinema versus television is that cinema ends. My favorite part of the story is the ending. And I really like it when you sort of work backward from the end, and everything's leading up to this climax, where there's a kind of mic drop moment, and in the credits roll, they're my favorite kind of films.”

Edwards confidently stated that “there’s no intention to do part two or anything like [that]:”

“… And so I, there's no intention to do part two or anything like [that]. It's a high-class problem to have if this film did well enough that the studio wanted to do that, you know, then you'd scratch your head and have to think about it. But I really, I'm very happy to see this being a standalone, one-off self-contained story. [Those are] my favorite types of films.”

One-And-Done for Gareth Edwards?

It’s understandable that Gareth Edwards would feel that The Creator may be a one-and-done sort of thing. The stand-alone approach probably does nothing but help the film as a strong project in its own right.

But after getting sucked into that world, many will likely want to see more stories told within it.

Perhaps, as Edwards noted, if the studio really wants to do another one, he’d sit down to consider what that would look like.

One subject matter a spin-off or sequel project could explore is fleshing out that divide between the world in The Creator.

What exactly were the circumstances that led to the United States banning AI? It’s been revealed that due to the technology, a nuclear device went off in Los Angeles—but what exactly happened that day?

However, before any more stories are told in this new world, The Creator first needs to be a bonified success at the box office.

The Creator is in theaters now.

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