The Batman: Robert Pattinson's Stuntman Is Suited Up Back in the Batsuit in New Set Image

By Richard Nebens Updated:
Batman, Robert Pattinson

Cameras are finally rolling again on dozens of major movie and TV projects all over the world, which means fans can finally look forward to behind-the-scenes looks at them in anticipation for their upcoming releases. This is especially exciting in the comic book movie universe, with more than a handful of projects in the works from both DC Films and Marvel Studios. 

DC Films had to take a break on certain projects thanks to a notable COVID-19 scare for The Batman star Robert Pattinson, although he appears to be back to his usual self once again. A new picture from the movie's set has confirmed that the star's stuntman is busy working, giving an awesome new look at the highly anticipated new version of the Caped Crusader. 


A new post on Twitter from user @Batmanshots revealed a behind-the-scenes look showing off The Batman Robert Pattinson's stunt double in the full, new Dark Knight costume. He appears to be on standby, waiting to shoot in an unknown location in full cape and cowl.

The full post can be seen below: 



While this doesn't reveal any new plot or character details about this new iteration of Bruce Wayne, its still exciting to get a peek into the movie and see the film’s star in full superhero gear. Everything visible from the costume looks as epic as it did in the movie’s first teaser trailer from DC FanDome, and Pattinson looks perfectly menacing as he takes on his first ever superhero role.

Since the first trailer dropped, the DC fan base has been riding an excitement high as the movie goes deeper and deeper into production. There will hopefully be more looks like this in the near future, with the shoot possibly taking more time to get everything perfect after another delay to its release. 

The Batman is now set to release in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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