Spider-Man 3 Adds The Avengers and Thor Cinematographer

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Spider-Man 3 adds Marvel Cinematic Universe Veteran Cinematographer

The currently-untitled third Spider-Man movie is set to debut next year among 3 other MCU films . Ever since the working title of the film has been revealed, speculation has been rampant about the plot and overall feel of the film. It has previously stated by Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker in the Spider-Man franchise, that the production of the film is slated to start in July . However, no word has yet been given if this will stay true since the movie industry is currently in standstill due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Even so, a new report states that there is a brand new addition to the film's primary crew.


A report from Discussing Film states that Seamus McGarvey is set to join the untitled third Spider-Man film as a cinematographer. McGarvey is no stranger to the MCU as he previously worked on The Avengers as well as the post credits scene of Thor . Previous works of McGarvey includes Godzilla , Bad Times At The El Royale , Fifty Shades Of Grey , Pan , The Accountant , Nocturnal Animals , Life , and The Greatest Showman .


While there is no word if Sony will push back the production schedule of the untitled Spider-Man 3 , it is a good sign that there are other developments behind the scenes. McGarvey proves to be a good addition to the film given that he already worked on multiple MCU movies before. While the overall feel of the film remains a mystery, there have been a lot of rumors lately which include the likes of Netflix's Daredevil showing up , Kraven the Hunter possibly being the villain , as well as Sony's Morbius potentially being set in the MCU .

Moreover, Tom Holland recently teased that the film will be "something very special, and something very different" and one would hope that the film would live up to its promise. Whatever the case may be, the next Spider-Man film has an improbable task of tackling the cliffhanger ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home and adding an MCU veteran behind the scenes serves as a step in the right direction.

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