The Acolyte Just Teased Sol's Darkness & Secret

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The Acolyte Sol

The latest episode of The Acolyte on Disney+ indicated that Lee Jung-jae's Master Sol may be harboring a huge dark secret. 

Five episodes into the High Republic era Star Wars series, fans have been introduced to a whole new swath of force-wielding characters, both good and bad.

While each member of this cast (including Master Sol) has their own story and motivations, they are all tied to the show's central pair of twins, Osha and Mae, two sisters who were separated at a young age due to a mysterious fire on their home planet of Brendok. 

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A Dark Secret Is Teased in The Acolyte

Lee Jung Jae as Master Sol holding a Manny Jacinto's Qimir in The Acolyteblue lightsaber to the face of

Fans are rabid with speculation following The Acolyte Episode 5, the latest entry in the ongoing Star Wars series that hinted at a potentially massive dark secret being held by Jedi Master Sol. 

Sol (played by Squid Game star Lee Jung-jae) has been seen as a fairly sympathetic character thus far in the series, serving as the once master to Amandla Stenberg's Osha. 

He also quote-on-quote saved the young girl from a devastating fire where she thought she had lost her twin sister, Mae, eventually training the twin in the ways of the Jedi. 

Sol's sheen of nobility has slowly worn thin, though, with more nefarious intentions (and a specific darkness) being teased in the series' fifth episode. 

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for The Acolyte Episode 5.

In a clash with the newly revealed Sith villain, Qimir (brought to life by Manny Jacinto), the formerly helmeted big bad asked Sol, "I’ve accepted my darkness. What have you done with yours?"

For many, this quote and Sol's emotional reaction to it will serve as a turning point in their perception of Lee Jung-jae's Jedi master. 

This builds upon several moments with the character in the series so far. Whenever the fierce Jedi warrior has addressed the events of the fire on Brendok that brought Osha into the Order, he has been quite cagey about the whole thing. 

While it is not expressly said in Episode 5 what Sol is hiding, it seems the Jedi is holding a dark secret close to his chest. It likely has to do with the twins (Mae and Osha) he had a hand in separating all those years ago. 

What Is Sol's Darkness in The Acolyte?

But what exactly is this "darkness" Qimir spoke about in The Acolyte Episode 5 to Master Sol? 

Qimir's darkness seems clear. It is the dark side of the force he is wielding and the sheer rage that flows within him (like any good Star Wars villain). 

As for Sol's darkness that the 'Sith' refers to, it could go a lot deeper than that.

The creative team behind The Acolyte has done a solid job of keeping their cards close to their vest on this front; however, there are some likely avenues that this "darkness" storyline may ultimately go down. 

Sol's big dark secret (or at least the one he seems to have) likely involves the separation of the twins, Mae and Osha, when they were young girls. 

While he relays to a young Osha that her sister was the one responsible for the death of their clan, there are signs something more sinister may be afoot. 

In Episode 3's flashback to Brendok and the Jedi (including Sol) meeting Osha and Mae for the first time, one can easily see just how worried the Jedi are that this clan of force users is continuing to tap into the mysterious power without their supervision. 

They do not understand Mae and Osha's clan; therefore they fear them and want to make them stop (something all too familiar in the real world). 

While fans see Mae cause the fire, there is the chance Sol and this crew of Jedi on the planet had something to do with what ultimately led her to light their home ablaze or the events that would transpire afterward. 

Some have speculated Sol may have been the one who struck down the girls' mother, Aniseya, during the lethal blaze. Maybe the fire had nothing to do with the death of the twins' clan, and the Jedi used the cover of the fire to murder the rest of Mae and Osha's community.

Perhaps it is the fact that he potentially killed his Padawan's maternal figure as well as her extended family that is troubling him all these years later.

The Jedi have been no stranger to taking matters into their own hands simply because they deem it the right way forward, and this could have been a case of that. Whatever this dark secret may be, The Acolyte will explore it in the coming weeks. 

New episodes of The Acolyte are released every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Disney+. 

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