The Acolyte: What Is The Power of Two In Star Wars? Qimir's Desire Explained

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Qimir in The Acolyte with Osha and lightsaber

The Acolyte Episode 6 finally revealed what exactly Qimir desires from Amandla Stenberg's Mae and Osha — he is seeking the power of two. 

Leslye Headland's Disney+ Star Wars series is off to a mind-bending start. Across its first six episodes, the TV epic has introduced audiences to a whole new era of the franchise never before seen in live-action, woven an intricate force-wielding mystery, and even taken out a few Jedi for good measure. 

But Episode 6 began to peel the layers back on the series as the motives of several major characters started to come into view. 

What Is the Power of Two in The Acolyte?

Qimir in The Acolyte
Star Wars

Episode 6 of The Acolyte brought up an interesting concept in the Star Wars universe known as the Power of Two. 

The latest episode of the High Republic-era Star Wars series pulls the curtain back on villain Qimir's dark side plans (read more about Qimir here) as he explains what exactly he wants from Amandla Stenberg's pair of on-screen twins, Mae and Osha. 

With Osha as his prisoner, Qimir (played by Manny Jacinto), revealed to her that he desires to harness what he called "the power of two."

When asked by Stenberg's former Jedi, "What do you want?," Qimir brought up the concept, saying he "made a mistake" with Osha's sister Mae, but that was not the case with her:

Qimir: "I made a mistake with Mae. I thought she wanted more than just revenge. I thought she wanted what I want."

Osha: "What do you want?"

Qimir: "The power of two."

What is even more curious is the phrase would be referred to again on the official Acolyte soundtrack, featuring a track that is titled "Power of Two."

Any explanation of the Power of Two has not gone beyond that, but some have theorized what exactly the series could be alluding to. 

The first, and most obvious, reference he could be making could be to the Sith's Rule of Two as seen throughout the Star Wars franchise. 

The Rule of Two was a decree made by the Sith that only two Sith lords could exist at any given time. This leads to a cycle of master and apprentice, where the master trains their pupil only for them to inevitably be slain by them.

This could mean Qimir is attempting to train either Mae or Osha (two twins that have both proven strong in the Force) to become his apprentice and operate the Sith order at full power.

It could also point to another Sith being present in the series. Perhaps Qimir is only a Sith apprentice and is hoping to raise a student of his own so he can kill whoever his master is and take the head of the Sith table for himself. 

Another popular theory for what Jacinto's dark side-user could be referring to is the power of the dyad. 

A Force dyad was first popularized in canon in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, shown between Daisy Ridley's Rey and Adam Driver's Kylo Ren

This mysterious connection through the Force sees two beings tied together by way of the magic-like intergalactic energy. This connection allows the two sides of access to unique Force abilities, like being able to communicate and pass matter across thousands of light years.

Qimir could be trying to either create a dyad with himself and one of the twins (Mae or Osha) or access the power of a potential dyad between the sisters themselves. 

Some believe the connection between Mae and Osha has been dyad-like in nature since the very beginning of the series and could have actually been the product of a forced dyad created by their witchy mothers.

If Mae and Osha's clan of witches were able to unnaturally create a dyad (unlike the organically occurring one seen between Rey and Kylo), then it may make sense as to why the Jedi would be so interested in the sisters and wanted their family to stop experimenting with the Force in the first place. 

Surely, though fans will come to know more as The Acolyte starts to reveal its hand.

The Acolyte continues with new episodes dropping every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Disney+. 

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