Star Wars: The Old Republic Releases Stunning New Cinematic Trailer

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Star Wars, Old Republic

After an empty year, 2022 has brought back Star Wars in a big way. With The Book of Boba Fett now complete, fans across the world are eager to take in more stories within the galaxy far, far away. The next show won't premiere until May 25 with Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, the drought doesn't have to be that long for those who don't want to wait.

For fans that just want more Star Wars stories, there are plenty more out there. For one, there's the string of books and various physical media that tell stories of the High Republic––a world and set of characters who may even make it on screen one day.

Another option for those wanting even more is the long-running MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's easy to forget that the game is still alive and well, but it remains healthy.

In fact, they just launched a new expansion titled Legacy of the Sith, and to celebrate the occasion, EA Games has released a brand new cinematic trailer.

Darth Malgus Must Be Stopped

On its official Twitter account, EA Games revealed the brand new CGI trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic's new expansion, Legacy of the Sith.

The beautiful cinematic shows off two new Jedi fighting off against the evil Darth Malgus.The Old Republic Still, Jedi and Padawan

Star Wars, Old Republic, Malgus
EA Games

It seems that Darth Malgus hasn't lost his touch since the last time players encountered him.

Darth Malgus, Star Wars, Old Republic
EA Games

The two new Jedi are Denolm Orr and his Padawan Sa'Har Kateen, who were both mentioned last October in a Mission Abstract.

The Old Republic still, two Jedi, Old Republic, Star Wars
EA Games

It seems clear that this expansion's story will focus on trust between the master and the apprentice––something Orr obviously needs to work on.

The Old Republic Still, Jedi and Padawan, Star Wars
EA Games

The trailer can be seen in all its glory below.


Never Trust The Jedi?

A disillusioned Jedi seems to be a common factor amongst the many eras and stories that Star Wars produces. It seems that Sa'Har is going to have some big choices to make.

With the expansion now officially out, players can do just that. The new expansion also allows players to journey back to the ocean planet of Manaan, level up to the increased cap of 80, a revamped character creation, and much more.

So, if one's subscription to the game has been lying dormant for a while, now might be a great time to start back up. Especially with the Knights of the Old Republic game getting a remake––that era will once again be the talk of the town in no time.

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