Star Wars' John Boyega Still Has Zero Interest in Picking Lightsaber Back up for Returning Role

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John Boyega as Finn

The sequel trilogy of Star Wars introduced fans to new set of heroes and villains while ultimately capping off the Skywalker Saga. One of the heroes that was introduced during the trilogy is John Boyega's Finn , a stormtrooper turned Resistance fighter. Finn was joined by Daisy Ridley's Rey and Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron, essentially forming the trilogy's heroic figures.

Last year's The Rise of Skywalker officially ended the journey of the trilogy's protagonists, but many would argue that there are still more stories to tell about those characters. At this stage, Star Wars has been known to fill in the gaps of the franchise's narrative as evidenced by the animated series, tie-in novels, and even spinoffs like Solo and Rogue One .

If the space opera franchise decides to revisit the sequel trilogy's main set of heroes, it seems that Boyega will not be a part of it since he recently revealed that he has other plans in the future.


In a comment from his recent post from Instagram , Finn actor John Boyega answered a question from a fan asking if he would return to the Star Wars franchise. The actor replied with “lol no thank you. I’ve moved on” followed with a heart emoji:

John Boyega's Star Wars comment

In addition, Boyega responded with a tweet saying that "it's not that deep" when it comes to an actor saying that they is done with a role:


Boyega's recent comments may not come as a surprise to many since it is normal for actors to pursue other roles and opportunities for their own growth. In a way, the actor not returning to the Star Wars franchise makes sense since The Rise of Skywalker already provided a swan song for the Finn character.

This isn't the first time that Boyega has been vocal about his involvement in the Star Wars franchise. During the theatrical run of Star Wars: The Last Jedi , Boyega admitted that he disagreed with some of the writer's choices for his character. On top of that, Boyega also shared from a past interview that he is done playing the character since The Rise of Skywalker is the "war that just ends everything."

On the surface, it is safe to say that Boyega is not keen on returning to the galaxy far, far away. However, Han Solo actor Harrison Ford has also said the same thing about not returning to the franchise, but the veteran actor ultimately reprised his role during The Rise of Skywalker . In a way, this could mean that Boyega's return in the franchise is still possible despite the actor's comments.

If Boyega decides to return in the future, a movie or even a Disney+ series could eventually address the force sensitive side of Finn (which was hinted throughout Episode IX ) while also potentially catching up with the stories of other generational icons like Rey or Poe.

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