Star Wars: Ezra & Thrawn Disney+ Show Rumored To Be Coming Soon

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Following the absolutely huge finale of The Mandalorian Season 2, Star Wars fans have been lying in wait for the next big thing from the galaxy far far away.

A number of new series were announced at Disney's investor day, including a spin-off TV show for Ahsoka , a new movie from Patty Jenkins titles Rogue Squadron , and a new Disney+ TV series The Rangers of the New Republic .

Without any release dates for these new projects, Star Wars content is few and far between in 2021. There's the next Star Wars animated series, The Bad Batch , hitting screens on May the 4th and then there's the Book of Boba Fett to look forward to in December. The good news, however, is that it seems not every new Star Wars project was announced at Disney's investor day.


During a recent podcast from Kessel Run Transmissions , host Cory Van Dyke dropped a hint that a new series featuring Ezra and Thrawn could be in development.

"Make sure that you guys subscribe to Disney+ for that Ezra and Thrawn series coming out very soon."

The full podcast can be seen in the video below. Cory's quote comes at the 45:55 mark.


In recent months, Disney+ has provided a home for the Star Wars universe to expand even further. This started with The Mandalorian which allowed for the animated Star Wars series, The Clone Wars and Rebels , to finally intersect with live-action. The introduction of Bo-Katan and Ahsoka in Mando's second season was nothing short of huge for animated Star Wars fans, and it looks like the fun isn't stopping there.

Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian revealed that she is actively seeking Grand Admiral Thrawn, the main villain from Star Wars Rebels . It was expected by many that this story would be continued in her solo series, Ahsoka . Although, it seems that Ezra may also have similar intentions.

In the finale of Star Wars Rebels, Ezra's fate is left unknown and Ahsoka vows to find her missing friend. Ezra has already been rumored to appear in Ahsoka, so it's possible that the ending of this series will lead directly into Ezra's own solo series on Disney+ that also involves Thrawn as the villain. Fans have been waiting some time to see if Ezra will make his live-action debut , but it seems Lucasfilm has big plans for the Rebels character.

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