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Ex-Star Wars Episode 9 Director Addresses Potential Return After Firing

Star Wars, Colin Trevorrow
By Russ Milheim Posted:

The Rise of Skywalker is a touchy subject for many. The conclusion to the Skywalker Saga has been one of the biggest disappointments for fans in pop culture in quite some time. Many audiences across the entire world were underwhelmed, and that feeling came across in the various online conversations, which were going at full speed upon release.

In a different timeline, however, fans got another version of the film, one directed by Jurassic World's Colin Trevorrow. While all the details aren't fully known, bits and pieces of storylines that could've been have made their way online over the last few years. Things like the alternate version of the story visiting Coruscant again, to an intense battle between Kylo and Rey in a unique-looking throne room, to a far more prominent spotlight on Finn's character—from what fans do have, it sure seems like a completely different beast.

That version of the story sadly never saw the light of day due to Lucasfilm letting Trevorrow go from the project, instead opting to bring in J.J. Abrams. But, if the Jurassic World director was given the opportunity, would he ever visit the galaxy far, far away again?

Could Colin Trevorrow Return?

Star Wars Episode 9 deleted concept art
Star Wars

In a new interview with Comicbook.comJurassic World: Dominion director Colin Trevorrow was asked if he would ever return to the world of Star Wars after having been let go from Episode IX when it was still in development. 

Trevorrow noted how he doesn't think he would because "[he's] spent 8 or 9 years making new versions of the things we love when we were kids," and to be able to "step out of that a little bit" would be exciting for him:

"I don’t know. Not because of Star Wars, but because I feel like I spent 8 or 9 years making new versions of the things we love when we were kids… in one place or another. There’s a lot of pressure on that. It casts a shadow over everything else that you want to do. In the case of making a small film after Jurassic World, I was the 'Director of Star Wars' when I made it. I think that… to be able to step out of that a little bit and not have everything I do be in the context of our belief systems is interesting to me."

A Trevorrow Return is Unlikely

It's completely understandable to have desired something other than the Rise of Skywalker that Lucasfilm gave the world. However, as poorly received as it was, there's no guarantee that Trevorrow's version was any better.

What better way to paint that point than by looking at the last two films the director made, which were the first Jurassic World and the most recent sequel, Dominion? Both are sitting at 71% and 30%, respectively on Rotten Tomatoes. Compared to Episode XI's 57%, the results don't seem to be regarded much differently.

At the end of the day, Trevorrow and Lucasfilm parted ways for a reason. Will the world ever know why? Maybe, maybe not. But right now, the studio seems to be pretty focused on their Disney+ series, as nothing from their movie slate has gotten any notable updates or signs of life.

Hopefully, the upcoming D23 convention will bring with it some exciting news for the future of the franchise at the movies. Fingers crossed that those announcements will be a little more exciting than the company picking back up Trevorrow—no offense.