Star Wars Visions Season 2 Reviews: Critics Share First Reactions

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The first critic reactions to Star Wars Visions Season 2 indicate that Lucasfilm has another hit on its hands. 

Many of the early reviews of Season 2 are praising the Star Wars anthology series' diversity in storytelling and visuals. 

The Direct's Klein Felt called the series "Disney+'s hidden gem," making the proclamation that "this is some of [his] favorite Star Wars ever:"

"'Star Wars Visions' continues to be Disney+'s hidden gem. Season 2 is absolutely incredible and stunningly beautiful from front to back. I was hesitant when they announced S2 would not solely be anime, but it was ultimately the right call. This is some of my favorite Star Wars ever!"

Joseph Aberl from Murphy's Multiverse praised Visions for its ability to showcase "the beauty and diversity" of the Star Wars universe:

"'Star Wars Visions' returns doing what it does best: showcasing the beauty and diversity of animation in a galaxy far, far away."

The Resistance Broadcast's Lacey Gilleran said that Season 2 "builds on the creativity of [Season 1] & takes you on adventures you could never imagine:"

"'Star Wars Visions' Volume 2 builds on the creativity of 'Vol 1' & takes you on adventures you could never imagine. With tales of love, loss and most importantly hope, told through awe-inspiring visuals and music, you’ll feel like you’re in a Star Wars dream and won’t want to wake up."

On the first episode in the season, critic Meghan Cooper remarked that the premiere "immerses you into an intricate painting," calling Spanish studio El Guiri's work "pure animation magic:"

"The first episode is my favorite so far. 'Sith' from El Guiri Studios immerses you into an intricate painting that places balance within the Force into focus & with color. The way the details build like a painting and spark off the screen is pure animation magic."

Sith, Star Wars Visions Season 2
Star Wars

Cooper further mentioned that the series as a whole is "incredible:"

"'STAR WARS VISIONS' S2 brings us more incredible Star Wars stories from award-winning animation studios worldwide. Here are my thoughts on 'Star Wars Visions' S2 and how it features balance in the Force between the Jedi and the Sith."

Laughing Place opined that they were "completely blown away by the quality and variety of the submissions" and "would be hard-pressed to choose a favorite:"

"I just watched all nine animated shorts in 'Star Wars Visions' Vol. 2, and once again I am completely blown away by the quality and variety of the submissions, this time from studios around the world. They’re all absolutely gorgeous and I would be hard-pressed to choose a favorite."

The Who's the Bossk podcast followed that up, mentioning, "The only note [they] still have is that the studios should be given a prompt" to "avoid the stories overlapping:"

"It’s true. This happened. The only note I still have is that the studios should be given a prompt or topic to avoid the stories overlapping, which a number of them do again. There’s so much more to Star Wars than Kyber crystals, lightsabers, and the Force!"

Star Wars Visions Season 2
Star Wars

Editor-in-chief of Movie Network Gil Rivera focused on the third episode of the series, calling Gabriel Osorio's animated short "one of the best:"

"I've only watched 3 episodes of the second season of 'Star Wars Visions.' I have to say that Gabriel Osorio's animated short must be one of the best. It's beautiful in animation, writing and direction! All the minutes of the short film are excellent! Great job!"

Despite having "doubts" when it was announced Visions would move away from anime with Season 2, io9's James Whitbrook admitted that this "broadening of perspective comes with an incredible depth of creativity" and the results are "fantastic:"

"I had doubts when it was announced 'Star Wars Visions' Volume 2 would go beyond anime, but that broadening of perspective comes with an incredible depth of creativity—exploring so much of what Star Wars can be across so many mediums. It's fantastic."

Steve Dunk on Twitter wrote that what he had seen of the series so far was "pretty fucking great" accompanied by a shot from Season 2's first short:

"Only two episodes in but the second season of 'Visions' is pretty fucking great so far. Interesting vibes and this scene ⬇️is lights out great."

Offering a similarly positive response, Rafael Motamayor from Slash Film noted that after having only seen three episodes he had "already cried twice:"

Have only seen three out of nine episodes of the new 'STAR WARS: VISIONS' and already cried twice. This does not bode well for me.

Is Star Wars Visions Season 2 Worth Watching?

Seeing these early reactions it is easy to see that Star Wars Visions Season 2 is definitely worth watching.

The broadening of the series' horizons, moving away from its strictly Japanese anime mandate seems to be a massive success. And this move to other styles of animation might have been the best thing for Visions.

Season 1 of the animated anthology was similarly celebrated, being evangelized by those who watched and fell in love with these bite-sized takes on the franchise. However - while never publicly addressed by Lucasfilm or Disney - it seems like Season 1 did not get the viewership numbers of some of the other Disney+ Star Wars series. 

So, the fact that the quality is still there, and is now being brought to life in different, slightly more accessible to the masses styles, could turn Visions into more than the cult hit it currently is. 

In short, Visions Season 2 looks to be a critical hit, it is just a matter of if general audiences will show up for the animated shorts, showing Disney that fans want more. 

Star Wars Visions Season 2 begins streaming on Thursday, May 4. 

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