Star Wars Releases Trippy Official Poster for Bad Batch Season 2

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A new poster for Star Wars' The Bad Batch Season 2 has been released, accentuating Clone Force 99's origins.

Lucasfilm's Star Wars animated show has finally returned, with two new episodes having aired this week. The two-parter saw the team head off to Count Dooku's home planet, Serenno, in search of his treasure-filled war chest.

Per usual, things didn't go too smoothly—but it's probably best to watch the new episodes instead of getting the spoilers here.

Nevertheless, the premiere episodes set the stage for quite an eventful season. To promote the show's recent return, Disney has released a new poster for the series' sophomore season.

The Bad Batch's Unique Clones

On the show's official Twitter page, Disney unveiled a brand new poster for The Bad Batch, which only just began its second season.

The new artwork is trippy, showcasing dozens and dozens of clone troopers in a copy-and-paste manner.

The Bad Batch, Season 2

However, looking closer at the poster, the five current members of Clone Force 99 can be seen, as can their former teammate, Crosshair.

The Bad Batch, Season 2

One of the unique elements of the show is the existence of Omega, sister to Boba Fett and the fifth member of Clone Force 99 (not including good ol' Crosshair).

When asked by if she'd want to play Omega as an adult, the character's voice actress Michelle Ang ecstatically responded with an "absolutely," though she pointed out how she "[doesn't] want to rush" her current adolescent journey: 

“The true answer is absolutely I would love to go on that journey of Omega but I would also have to say that I don’t want her to grow up too fast. Season 1 to 2 was a big jump, it was a good jump, but the journey that she is on as an adolescent and as a dawning identity of who she is, but also who clowns are how the Bad Batch and her brothers fit into how the Empire and the world view clones, I don’t want to rush that. I think that’s incredibly juicy and exciting"

Ang noted how Omega "has really novel ways to view quite adult themes," something the actress doesn't "want her to lose... too fast:"

"Maybe this is a bit fatalistic of me; I think as everyone grows into adulthood, there’s a certain element of jadedness and I think Omega’s superpower, at least at this point, is the fact that she isn’t, so she has really novel ways to view quite adult themes and that’s been a joy. I think that’s a nice voice for Omega currently, and then Star Wars world, so I wouldn’t want her to lose that too fast."

What Does the Future Hold for Clones?

It certainly seems clear that this season of the show will be heavily focused on the clones and their place in the Galactic Empire. Unfortunately, it's likely not the future many of their kind were hoping for.

One thing many fans are hoping for is that this second season will add a little more substance to the overall Star Wars mythos, something the freshman run of episodes didn't do much of.

It looks like that has already started as well, seeing as a pretty big Mandalorian Easter egg can be seen in the opening two episodes.

There's also still the Boba Fett connection that will need further exploring. After all, according to the show's own producer, it's something "a lot of people want [to see]."

With 16 episodes in the sophomore run, there are still 14 to look forward to. Hopefully, they'll be rich with surprises for fans.

The Bad Batch Season 2 is now streaming on Disney+.

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