Did Star Wars Just Spoil Bad Batch Season 2's Major Reunion?

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Star Wars Bad Batch

As of the Season 1 finale of The Bad Batch, a certain character’s status remained unchanged. But new art for the second season may have previewed a shifting of allegiances.

Star Wars’ latest ongoing animated show, The Bad Batch, centers on an elite, genetically enhanced team of clone troopers known as Clone Force 99. Throughout the Clone Wars, they were known for their one-hundred percent success rate.

However, the squad didn’t always see eye-to-eye. Crosshair, their marksman, was known for being, at times, somewhat difficult and rude but nevertheless followed the orders of his sergeant, Hunter.

Crosshair screencap

After Order 66, Crosshair’s inhibitor chip was activated, and he betrayed his brothers, joining up with the Empire. He spent much of the first season trying to apprehend those he once called comrades. 

But now, some new promo art could possibly reveal a change in Crosshair’s mindset.

Crosshair Rejoining the Bad Batch?

Ahead of The Bad Batch’s January Season 2 premiere, a new piece of promotional art has made its way online via Displate. The image in question shows Crosshair standing alongside the rest of the Batchers:

Bad Batch Season 2 promo art

A Long Awaited Star Wars Reunion?

In the last episode of Season 1, Crosshair worked alongside former teammates Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Echo. He even helped to save the life of their young clone sister, Omega. At the end of this installment, the six of them stood and watched as their former home of Kamino was destroyed by the Empire.

Bad Batch Season1 finale screencap

As the Batch boarded their ship, Wrecker asked Crosshair whether he was coming with them. He was defiantly silent. But then Omega seemed to crack his icy facade when she reminded him that the Bad Batch were his brothers. He nevertheless stayed behind.

Crosshair in The Bad Batch season one finale

In the trailer for the upcoming second season of the show, Crosshair was notably absent. But is it possible that he finally decides he’s had enough with the Empire and re-teams with his old friends?

And if that does happen, will the Bad Batch even welcome him with open arms? After all, he did try to kill them several times.

Fans will need to wait till next year to find out for sure when The Bad Batch Season 2 premieres on January 4, 2023, exclusively on Disney+.

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