Star Wars: Boba Fett Disney+ Merch Features Baby Yoda

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Baby Yoda Boba Fett Disney Plus Logo

Unlike last year and the mayhem that came with it, 2021 is flying along - which means The Book of Boba Fett draws ever nearer.

After months of speculation, it was all but confirmed that the forthcoming series working under the production title Buccaneer is indeed Boba Fett, and not The Mandalorian Season Three as previously. With this news came the reveal that The Book of Boba Fett would span multiple seasons, extending well beyond the miniseries it was originally reported to be.

The reveals came in part by way of stickers dedicated to several of the production departments, one of which features original artwork depicting a blaster showdown. A new piece of apparel has recently gone on sale featuring the art in question, as well as a familiar little green friend.


Boba Fett Merch
Legacy Effects

A Legacy Effect Crew Shirt for Buccaneer Season One found via Reddit has gone up for sale, depicting a small stylized Grogu (Baby Yoda) on the front.

Baby Yoda
Legacy Effects

Artwork of a Boba Fett shootout is pictured on the back. 

Boba Fett Shirt
Legacy Effects

The Book of Boba Fett - Legacy Effect Crew Shirt is available now from Production Treasures.


Grogu's appearance on the crew shirt is a surprise, to be sure, but it could mean one of two things.

Way back in the day, when The Mandalorian Season Two was just something to anticipate, a crew patch for the production surfaced. The patch, given to members of the 2nd Unit Set Lighting group, features both the Darksaber and what appears to be Darth Vader's lightsaber. Check out the patch below for reference:

Obviously, Darth Vader's lightsaber never made an appearance in The Mandalorian's second season. Luke Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano's did, but neither of those characters' weapons were featured on the patch - likely to avoid spoilers. In all likelihood, Vader's weapon was used for the sake of foiling with the Darksaber, despite it having no implications on the forthcoming season.

Grogu's appearance on the Boba Fett t-shirt may be a similar case. The character is now an icon, and he means a great deal to those involved with The Book of Boba Fett's production, as the group is composed of those who also work on The Mandalorian. Also of note is that, while it's assumed Boba Fett is the figure in the middle of the showdown, the silhouette is sporting different gear than when Fett was last seen in The Mandalorian, which goes to say that this could all be general art.

There's also the chance that Grogu actually will be appearing in Boba Fett, and if that's the case then there's cause for a great deal of speculation.

If the beloved Baby Yoda were to appear in the show, then Luke Skywalker would presumably have to be joining the fray as well. The last time Luke and Fett met in Return of the Jedi didn't end well for the latter, which would make any potential interactions interesting to say the least. Luke has also expressed his desire to never return to Tatooine, with rescuing his friend Han Solo being a worthy exception, so there would have to be great reason for the Jedi Knight and his little student to go to the dustball.

Could they be headed there in pursuit of Jedi artifacts that may be lying within the confines of Obi-Wan Kenobi's old home? Or does Fett seek out revenge on Solo for knocking him into the Sarlaac, and Luke chooses to go and confront the new crime lord in the hopes of finding a peaceful resolution?

Grogu's presence will undoubtedly complicate matters, as Fett had just fulfilled his promise to help rescue the baby from Moff Gideon before taking over Jabba's Palace. Perhaps the little one's involvement in the situation will be enough for Boba and Luke to reach a mutual understanding, assuming that they cross paths at all.

It's hard to imagine that Star Wars fans will be seeing Grogu again before Din Djarin does, but if he's needed for the story, then an appearance in The Book of Boba Fett may work. The storyline has extended well beyond The Mandalorian now as things are building to a much bigger event, and it's fair game for both Mando and Grogu to appear in anything that will serve the larger narrative.

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