Spider-Man: Tom Holland Cites Zendaya as Inspiration In Acting Career

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe's next expansion in Phase 4 will not only introduce dozens of heroes into the franchise for the first time but also continue the stories of fan-favorite heroes from the Infinity Saga as well. Included in the latter group is the untitled Spider-Man 3 , which is rumored to be one of the most massive productions in the MCU's expansive history.

Not much is known about story details for the project, although the multiverse is nearly confirmed to play a major role as starring actor Tom Holland takes on his third MCU solo movie. Along with the madness of taking on villains from every live-action Spider-Man franchise to date, with more potentially on the way , Peter's personal life will be explored with his Aunt May and his friends from high school.

In terms of the actors behind Peter's friends, Holland recently revealed that one of those friends serves as an inspiration for his career as a whole.


In his latest interview with Backstage , Spider-Man 3 star Tom Holland opened up about the actors that he cites as industry mentors and inspirations to his Hollywood career. Holland mentioned Iron Man star Robert Downey, Jr., as well as his co-star from his next Marvel solo film, Zendaya, as figures who are helping him learn on the job as a performer.

Holland described his opportunities to act alongside both stars, and others, allow him to "learn something from them" and use their knowledge to improve on all aspects of his work:

“I’d be so naive to say that my training is finished. Acting is a muscle, and it’s something that can always get stronger. Whenever you work with new people, regardless of whether you think they’re good or not, you will always learn something from them. I’m continuing to learn every day. I’m learning about directing, learning about producing, learning about writing. All of those things are helping me become a better actor.”


Even considering that Tom Holland and Zendaya are working on their third MCU movie togethe r, Holland has quite the high level of praise for his Spider-Man 3 co-star.

The two young actors have publicly built a close friendship since they started working together in 2016, even teaming up for some memorable experiences away from Marvel movies as well. For Holland to say Zendaya is one of his inspirations in the same vein as an MCU icon like Robert Downey, Jr. doesn't seem like a comment he would throw out with no thought behind it.

Spider-Man 3 could possibly be the last time Zendaya and Tom Holland work together in the MCU , but the bond they've created will undoubtedly last far beyond the movie's release. Their on-screen bond will continue when the movie releases on December 17, 2021.

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