Tom Holland is Sick of Lying About Spider-Man: No Way Home's Secrets

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The path to Spider-Man: No Way Home has been a long and winding road of secrets, misdirection, and deception. After Far From Home's dramatic cliffhanger, fans were left expecting just another wall-crawler adventure, but the threequel has since shaped into a Multiverse blockbuster. Going into No Way Home, moviegoers will be treated to appearances from Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Sandman, Lizard, Electro, Doctor Strange, on top of whatever other surprises the movie may hold.

Throughout his MCU journey, franchise star Tom Holland has built himself a reputation for accidentally revealing spoilers, however, the actor has so far managed to avoid accidentally revealing any of No Way Home's surprises. But the same can't be said for Doc Ock actor Alfred Molina, who dropped key details of his return earlier in the year, or Electro himself Jamie Foxx who first hinted towards the Multiverse romp with an Instagram post of three Spider-Men together.

Nonetheless, with the lead-up to release in the past, fans can finally look towards seeing the film as avid fans disconnect themselves from social media to avoid spoilers as the press attend early screenings. As moviegoers express their excitement to see the film, No Way Home's stars can breathe a sigh of relief as the fear of dropping key spoilers can come to an end.

Spider-Man Star Talks No Way Home Secrets

Spider-Man Secrets

As Spider-Man: No Way Home nears its long-awaited release, titular star Tom Holland discussed the lies he's had to tell and the secrets he's had to keep through the press tour.

During an interview with Yahoo Entertainment UK, the British actor revealed he and his co-stars are "tired of constantly lying and deceiving people:"

"We're pretty tired of constantly lying and deceiving people. I feel like conscience is weighing on me now. It's tough."

In a further sitdown with, Holland told that the secrets are being kept because it will be "so impressive for fans to see" when it releases:

"We're keeping things secret because we really believe in the secret and we think it'll be so impressive for fans to see, you know some of the stuff we have in store with this movie."

Does No Way Home Still Have Secrets?

While Spider-Man: No Way Home's cast and crew have tried their hardest to avoid spoilers slipping out, the highly-anticipated Multiverse flick has tragically suffered from more than its fair share of leaks. After rumors, set photos, and questionable comments from the stars, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire's return to their Spider-Man roles has arguably become the worst kept secret in Hollywood history.

But with those who closely follow comic book movie news likely already in-on many of No Way Home's biggest shocks, does the threequel still hold any more secrets? Even with numerous surprise characters spoiled, the plot which binds them together does remain a mystery to most and there ought to be plenty of action spectacles along the way.

Whatever the case, fans are a matter of days away from discovering the secrets of Spider-Man: No Way Home as it hits theaters on December 17, 2021.

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