Spider-Man: No Way Home Blu-ray Bonus Content Rumored to Be 100 Minutes Long

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Spider-Man: No Way Home was always going to be the biggest film of 2021 due to the immense excitement and speculation surrounding the release, although nobody could have predicted how big it would get. With a current worldwide gross of almost $1.7 billion, the Multiversal blockbuster almost doubled the box office of its second-place competition - the Chinese war film The Battle at Lake Changjin.

As Sony and Marvel wind down the movie's theatrical run with attention now turning to Morbius and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, many moviegoers will be eager to enjoy No Way Home once againfrom the comfort of their homes.

But a home release means a lot more than just being able to enjoy the Spider-Verse team-up from the couch or bed. It means a whole host of bonus content detailing the production of Sony's biggest film to date.

No Way Home Rumored for 100 Minutes of Bonus Content

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Popular insider Amit Chaudhari reported on Twitter that the Spider-Man: No Way Home Blu-ray release will include around 100 minutes of bonus feature content.

The same insider previously revealed that Eternals would feature 180 minutes of bonus content, including a 156-minute audio commentary.

What is No Way Home's Bonus Content?

Spider-Man: Far From Home's bonus features included various featurettes focusing on different aspects of the film. This also came with outtakes, alternate scenes, an Easter egg breakdown, a Pre-Vis comparison, and a short film of Peter running some errands before his trip.

Many of these aspects will probably be mirrored on the No Way Home release except for the short film which, in the case of Far From Home, first debuted in theaters as a part of a theatrical re-release with additional content.

Since the reported bonus feature run time comes in with less minutes than the Multiverse blockbuster itself, an audio commentary is probably off the table. Although, 100 minutes of content should allow plenty of time to break down the movie in detail across featurettes, outtakes, and deleted, alternate or extended scenes.

Perhaps fans will finally be treated to behind-the-scenes content featuring the three Spider-Man actors, such as an extended interview or on-set footage. With so much secrecy surrounding Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire's appearances, the only footage of the three together comes in the movie itself. Many bonus feature fans would almost certainly enjoy a peek into the trio's off-screen banter.

With COVID-19 cases running high, many fans who passed on the trip to theaters for No Way Home to avoid risk will be eager to get their hands on Marvel's latest flick at home in the coming months. The physical and digital release of No Way Home will mark the first step in its post-theatrical plan with the web-head's flick set for streaming runs on both Netflix and Disney+ in the years to come.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is playing now in theaters around the world and recent reports indicate the Blu-ray release may be set for Spring 2022.  

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