MCU: New LEGO Set Features Spider-Man's Black Suit & Michael Keaton's Vulture

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Spider-Man Black Suit, Michael Keaton Vulture

Spider-Man: No Way Home is just around the corner, but marketing for the film has yet to begin. The anticipation surrounding the upcoming threequel is high, however most of the hype is due to the plethora of multiverse-based rumors that have emerged on social media and various reports. 

Rumors are swirling that other characters from previous Spider-Man films like Jamie Foxx's Electro and Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin will be involved in the film's narrative. This was further amplified by the reported inclusion of Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange alongside the confirmation that the events of No Way Home will connect to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

It remains to be seen if the multiverse scenario will be featured in the Tom Holland-led film, but evidence points that it will finally be confirmed, especially after Doctor Octopus actor Alfred Molina spilled the beans about his return in the film. 

Right now, the main topic of discussion among fans is the pending release of No Way Home's first trailer, but a newly-revealed piece of merchandise should boost the hopes of fans about that matter. 


As part of the promotional campaign for Spider-Man: No Way Home, LEGO officially released a brand-new Marvel playset that is inspired by Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming LEGO set

The LEGO set depicts the final fight between Spider-Man and Micheal Keaton's Vulture from Homecoming, but with an added twist. Peter Parker can be seen wearing a black Spider-Man suit and a stud-shooting drone is involved.

Spider-Man: Homecoming LEGO set

Aside from minifigures of the web-slinger and the winged villain, the playset includes several accessories like a buildable drone with 4 rotors and 2 stud shooters.

Spider-Man: Homecoming LEGO set



While this LEGO set clearly pays homage to a pivotal moment from Spider-Man: Homecoming, this latest reveal could hint at the multiverse shenanigans of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Based on the playset, it seems that an alternate version of the duel between Spider-Man and Vulture will be shown in No Way Home in order to cement the idea that the fight is happening in a different universe. The addition of a battle drone alongside Peter Parker's new costume is the two pieces of evidence that could establish this theory. 

Meanwhile, the drone element is clearly inspired by the Stark tech from Spider-Man: Far From Home while the black color palette draws a similarity from the stealth suit that Nick Fury gave Peter in the same movie.

It looks like certain callbacks to the previous two Spider-Man films under the MCU banner are being mixed together, potentially leading to a scenario where an alternate sequence will be showcased in the threequel. 

On the flip side, there's a good chance that this specific playset is simply using No Way Home's branding to boost the film's merchandise line. Michael Keaton's Vulture isn't expected to appear in the third installment of the franchise, but Marvel and Sony could always surprise fans when the movie drops later this year. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home premieres in theaters on December 17, 2021. 

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