Andrew Garfield's Stuntman Adds Fuel to Amazing Spider-Man 3 Rumors

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After over a year of rumors and speculation regarding Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire's rumored returns in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the movie certainly lived up to all the anticipation. The former Spider-Man actors joined Tom Holland's wall-crawler in the MCU to take on five of their classic villains from across the Multiverse including Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Sandman, Lizard, and Electro.

Naturally, after finally seeing the two fan-favorite web-slingers return to screens for the first time in years, many have been left hoping there is more to come for both Maguire and Garfield, either in solo outings or more team-ups.

While Maguire's long-awaited return was undoubtedly surrounded by the most anticipation, Garfield surprised many with his impressive acting and quirky comedic chops, leaving him as the favorite among many. Since then, social media has been swarmed with viral calls to resurrect The Amazing Spider-Man franchise with a third installment.

As discussion and rumors continue to grow, Andrew Garfield's stunt double has added some fuel to The Amazing Spider-Man 3 rumors with his own reaction.

Stunt Double Reacts to Andrew Garfield Threequel Rumors

Amazing spider-man 3

In replies to fan comments on his recent Instagram post, Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man stunt double William Spencer reacted to recent rumors of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 being in development at Sony.

When directly asked if the third film in Garfield's wall-crawler saga has been confirmed, Spencer outright denied it, confirming that "it's not" and he "[doesn't] know anything about it."

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 William Spencer

Subsequently, another fan congratulated the stunt double on getting the call to work on the unannounced threequel to which he oddly replied: "Thank you so much," likely in a sarcastic or joking manner.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 William Spencer

Will The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Happen?

Earlier in the year, Spencer was among the first to hint toward Garfield and Maguire's return in Spider-Man: No Way Home as he shared an image of himself alongside Tom Holland's stunt double Greg Townley.

In the aftermath of No Way Home, Garfield's Spider-Man attracted a shockingly positive response among fans - arguably the strongest of the three - leading to all-time high interest in his solo franchise and viral calls for a third film.

As Sony and Marvel Studios continue their partnership to produce a second trilogy for Tom Holland's Spider-Man, returning to Andrew Garfield's franchise remains unlikely. Even if the studio is considering The Amazing Spider-Man 3, the development would be in extremely early stages and a stunt double would absolutely not be aware yet.

Fans should manage expectations in the campaign for a third Andrew Garfield-led Spider-Man film as the chances of it becoming a reality remain slim. Although if The Amazing Spider-Man 3 did miraculously come to be, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige would almost certainly take no involvement as Sony takes the lead, probably while scrapping the original plan for the threequel.

Although the sudden uptake in the interest of the controversial Spider-Man may prompt Sony to use him in another capacity in its own Marvel world. With Venom and Morbius taking place in their own continuity, perhaps that universe could be that of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Spending more time with Garfield's web-slinger certainly presents plenty of new opportunities for the wall-crawler on the big screen. With the British actor now in his late thirties, Sony could finally explore a more mature and experienced Spider-Man beyond his college and high school life.

Whatever the future holds for Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man, fans will probably be kept waiting for some time before there are any definitive answers.

For now, Spider-Man: No Way Home is playing in theaters worldwide.

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