Full Cast of Spacey Unmasked: Meet the Real People In New Documentary (Photos)

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Spacey Unmasked main people involved

Here is a look at the full cast of people interviewed in the new documentary Spacey Unmasked streaming on Max.

Spacey Unmasked is a two-part documentary focused on sexual misconduct allegations by 10 men against actor Kevin Spacey.

Directed and produced by Katherine Haywood, the series premiered on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom from May 6 to May 7. It later started streaming in the U.S. on Investigation Discovery and Max on May 13.

Every Main Cast Member of Spacey Unmasked

The Spacey Unmasked spoke with 10 men who were not a part of the nine charges between 2004 and 2013, in which Spacey was ruled not guilty.


Daniel in Spacey Unmasked

Spacey Unmasked opens with Daniel's story of Kevin Spacey inappropriately touching him on the set of House of Cards.

Daniel explained how it happened shortly after he had performed his first speaking role on the Netflix series. Having explained how much he looked up to Spacey and was in awe of his acting prowess, it was difficult for Daniel to speak out about what happened.

Randall Fowler

Randall Fowler in Spacey Unmasked

Near the beginning of Episode 1, Kevin Spacey's brother, Randall "Randy" Fowler, discussed their difficult childhood. 

Fowler described their father, Thomas Fowler, as a hateful person who hosted Nazi meetings at their home and denied the Holocaust. He also described some of the physical abuse he took from their father.

Randy explained that acting was Kevin Spacey's way of surviving their unloving and toxic family environment. He noted that their father never physically harmed Kevin, leading Kevin to often escape the harsh reality by distancing himself.

In Episode 2, Fowler described the sexual abuse he was victim to from his father which began when he was 13 or 14 years old. Fowler believes that even if Spacey wasn't abused he didn't suffer from "psychological trauma" from their upbringing.


Andy in Spacey Unmasked

Andy, who met Kevin Spacey in 1981 as an openly gay man, recounted an alleged incident involving Spacey while they worked at a public theater in New York City. 

According to Andy, Spacey approached him in his office forcibly putting him on a desk and getting on top of him until Andy managed to escape.

Andy described the encounter as "cold" and "inhuman," and he felt too scared to tell anyone, including his boyfriend at the time. Andy stated that he felt compelled to bury the incident and went on to watch Spacey become a huge star.

Adam Vary

Adam Vary in Spacey Unmasked

Entertainment journalist Adam Vary is interviewed in Spacey Unmasked, giving audiences a unique angle at Stacey's career from the perspective of a writer who reported on allegations against the actor.

Vary wrote the 2017 BuzzFeed News article that first brought forth allegations of sexual misconduct against Spacey.

Vary's article included claims from actor Anthony Rapp, who alleged that Spacey had sexually assaulted him when he was 14 years old. This article played a significant role in initiating the series of accusations that subsequently affected Spacey's career and public life.


Scott in Spacey Unmasked

Scott, a former marine and aspiring actor in the '90s, discussed his experiences with Kevin Spacey.

They first met at the Viper Room, where Scott claimed Spacey turned a "bear grip" hug into a sexual assault by "humping" him. 

Later, Spacey invited Scott to a movie theater to see Saving Private Ryan, during which Scott noticed Spacey "pleasuring himself" during the invasion of Normandy scene being filmed and trying to involve him. 

During the interview, Scott broke down when describing what he hopes someone watching the documentary could gain from his story. He stated that he doesn't want his message "to be a f---ing victim thing." Scott added that "men aren't supposed to let this get under their skin," despite himself seemingly still affected by his time with Spacey.


Jesse in Spacey Unmasked

In 1999, Jesse met Kevin Spacey while interning on The Big Kahuna. Despite knowing Jesse was straight, Spacey allegedly pursued him, exposing himself and forcibly kissing Jesse in a bathroom at the film's wrap party. 

Jesse later recounted an experience where he gave Spacey a sexual favor to advance his career, but when he told Spacey he wanted to stop because he was not gay, Spacey denied the nature of their relationship, insisting he just needed a "friend."

Travis Aaron Wade

Travis Aaron Wade in Spacey Unmasked

Travis, another former Marine and aspiring actor, encountered Kevin Spacey at the 2005 Golden Globes.

Spacey invited Travis to an after-party at a hotel, but when Travis arrived, he found only Spacey there, dressed in a robe and holding a Scotch and a joint. Despite being told Travis was not gay, Spacey made a suggestive remark about "flipping" a Marine. 

When Spacey locked the door and told Travis to take off his shirt, Travis refused, gave him a parting kiss, and left. The actor contemplated going along with what Spacey wanted out of fear of hurting his career.


Dawn in Spacey Unmasked

Dawn, a background actress on House of Cards, observed increasing tension on set due to Kevin Spacey's behavior, which created a hostile work environment. 

Daniel had reached out to her on set after he felt "attacked" by Spacey.

Chloe Melas

Chloe Melas in Spacey: Unmasked

Chloe Melas, the CNN journalist who first reported the allegations against Kevin Spacey by the House of Cards cast and crew, was interviewed for Spacey Unmasked.

She described her behind-the-scenes process of talking to those negatively impacted by Spacey before breaking the story in 2017.


Greg in Spacey Unmasked

In Spacey Unmasked, Greg explained an incident from their teenage years at Chatsworth High School in Los Angeles, where he and Spacey both attended. 

Greg claims that while driving to a drama party after school, Kevin Spacey, who was about to graduate in 1977, made an aggressive sexual advance by grabbing his genitals, "with intention and with purpose."

Later at the party, Spacey allegedly cornered Greg and begged him not to talk about the incident. Greg was 16 or 17 at the time.


Danny in Spacey Unmasked

Danny, an usher at London's Old Vic theater in 2003 when Kevin Spacey became creative director, initially admired Spacey's stage presence.

However, during a performance of Cinderella, Danny recalls Spacey pressing his groin against his face off-stage.

This incident left Danny feeling "so small" and scared of going to work, as Spacey would give him looks that made him feel controlled. Danny's emotional recollection, while fighting back tears, led him to ask, "How can you sleep at night?"


Tim in Spacey Unmasked

Tim, a participant in the Old Vic's New Voices program for young talent, recounted an incident during a workshop where Kevin Spacey allegedly pressed his body against Tim's, holding him with both arms. 

He described the experience as "horrible" and he believes Spacey may have invited them to the class for the award-winning actor to decide "who to flirt with next."


Seth in Spacey Unmasked

During the time Spacey was working at Old Vic, he would travel to the United States to teach masterclasses. Seth, a fourth-year Juilliard student, met Kevin Spacey during a workshop. 

He alleges that Spacey later made an unwanted sexual advance by whispering in his ear and touching his inner thigh when they went to a theater performance together.


Ruari in Spacey Unmasked

Ruari, who performed in a show at Old Vic while Spacey was in charge, alleges that during a press-night after-party at the Savoy Hotel in 2013, Spacey sexually assaulted him. 

He said that this directly impacted his career, feeling like he's been "muted" after the experience and he stopped going to as many auditions.


Evelyn in Spacey Unmasked

Evelyn, who worked on House of Cards from 2012 to 2015, observed Kevin Spacey's behavior, describing it as overly flirtatious and invasive, particularly towards background actors. 

She recalled Spacey fixating on one crew member to the extent that their boss had to intervene and move them off-set. Evelyn also claimed that Spacey's behavior led to female production assistants being hired to mitigate his interactions with men.

Spacey Unmasked is now streaming on Investigation Discovery and Max.

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