Here's Why SoundCloud's Logo Is Now Blue

By Jennifer McDonough Posted:
Soundcloud logo change orange to blue

Soundcloud’s well-known logo is rocking a brand-new color scheme as of May 2024.

Soundcloud, which got its start back in 2007, is a popular streaming site for a wide variety of music. The platform enables all sorts of musicians to upload their songs and make them available to a vast audience for streaming.

What’s the Connection Between Soundcloud and Billie Eilish?

Users who recently paid a visit to Soundcloud may have noticed that the color of the website’s logo has changed color from its usual shade of orange with a white inlay to a two-tone blue color scheme.

A comparison between two Soundcloud logos

But what’s the reason behind this little makeover of sorts? 

Well, if one were to glance at the logo in the upper lefthand corner of Soudcloud’s homepage, they may find the answers they seek. That particular spot on the site continuously scrolls between the words “Soundcloud“ and “Billie Eilish.”

Soundcloud logo comparison

The changeover has occurred to commemorate the release of pop artist Billie Eilish’s latest album Hit Me Hard and Soft. As such, Soundcloud also changed its logo on its social media accounts such as Instagram.

On X (formerly Twitter) the platform even posted a banner with an image of Eilish alongside the updated insignia:

Soundcloud Billie Eilish logo

Soundcloud was also sure to credit the musician as the cause for the temporary logo replacement:

“shout out @billieilish for the makeover”

Hit Me Hard and Soft is Billie Eilish’s third studio album and made its debut on Friday, May 17.

Soundcloud Can’t Please Everybody

Despite the Billie Eilish promotion not being the first time Soundcloud has modified its logo (the company briefly made it black and white in 2023), many seem to be quite unhappy about this change.

On X, user @its_lupa posted a very on-point Breaking Bad meme (which can be seen below), with the caption "the soundcloud app this morning for some reason:"

Breaking Bad meme for Soundcloud color change

Elsewhere on the social media site, folks were poking holes left and right into Soundcloud’s Billie Eilish tie-in.

@atrak pleaded with Soundcloud to restore things back to the way they were: 

“come on @SoundCloud just give us the orange app logo”

Meanwhile, @tervisscoot expressed disgust upon witnessing what the music streamer had done:


And @PaperSkies_SC called into question the true intentions behind the endorsement of Eilish:

“just vibing wondering how much Billie Eilish paid to own Soundcloud this week”

As has been true for centuries, it is simply impossible to please everyone. And that’s okay because everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions, even if they’re at the expense of widely used digital music platforms.

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