When Will Solo Leveling Episode 13 Release?

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Solo Leveling

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of anime series Solo Leveling Episode 13.

Solo Leveling has accrued great popularity in the anime community across its run so far, with its latest episode, "Arise," hitting Crunchyroll on Sunday, March 31.

Is Solo Leveling Episode 13 Happening?

Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling

Unfortunately, Episode 12 was the last for Solo Leveling Season 1, and fans will be kept waiting until the second season gets underway for more. As such, Episode 13 will NOT be released on April 7, with the Sunday releases at an end for now.

On a positive note, Solo Leveling has already been renewed for Season 2 titled Arise from the Shadow, which will once again stream on Crunchyroll. Therefore, the 13th episode of Solo Leveling will also mark the Season 2 premiere.

When Will Solo Leveling Season 2 Release?

Original publisher D&C Media previously confirmed Season 2 is "scheduled to air within the year," meaning many are estimating a late 2024 return for Solo Levelling and the release of Episode 13.

As this was seemingly developed as a singular season which is now being split into two parts, it is likely Season 2 is already well into development and on track to release around this fall, provided no surprising delays come around.

Season 1 adapted the first 45 chapters and seven arcs of the webtoon series, concluding with the "Job Change Arc." As such, Season 2 is expected to get underway with the famously violent "Red Gate Arc."

The current pacing of roughly 45 chapters per season means Season 2 could go on to explore the "Demon Castle," "Retesting Rank," "Hunters Guild Gate," and "Return to Demon Castle" story arcs.

The Solo Leveling webtoon spans 200 chapters, and it seems likely around half of that will be covered by the end of Season 2. Fans can only hope it will be renewed for two further seasons which, at the current pace, will be needed to adapt the entire Japanese saga into anime form.

Solo Leveling Season 1 is streaming now on Crunchyroll.

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