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There is no guarantee of a SkyMed Season 3, but fans have not stopped hoping for another release from the hit Canadian drama. 

SkyMed - which originally aired on the Canadian TV network CBC - has found a streaming home on Paramount+ stateside and gained a whole new audience. 

The series follows a group of nurses and pilots who spend their days dealing with remote medical emergencies operating an air ambulance in the Great White North. 

When Could SkyMed Season 3 Release?

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Following Season 2's 2023 release, the CBC has remained mum on the show's next batch of episodes. 

However, that silence may also be a good thing, as the Canadian TV network also has not revealed any information about a potential cancellation of the series. 

Given Season 2's generally favorable critical response - and the first season finding its way to Paramont+ - it would not be all that surprising if the show were to be given the go-ahead for a third season. 

If/when SkyMed Season 3 gets announced, fans will not have to wait long before the show returns to their TV screens. 

Season 2 started filming back in March 2023 before hitting a release date of October 1, 2023 (via WorldScreen). 

That means if Season 3 gets announced in the next couple of months, there is a very real possibility the medical drama will be released sometime before the end of 2024 (likely this fall). 

As of early January 2024, there has been no official announcement of a Skymed Season 3 as of yet. 

SkyMed Season 3’s Potential Cast

As for who fans can expect to return for SkyMed Season 3, there is a high likelihood the entire core cast will be back for this next set of adventures. 

The likes of Natasha Calis' Nurse Hayley Robert (a delivery nurse who left the big city of Toronto behind), Morgan Holmstrom's Crystal Highway (a cree healer who helps the SkyMed team), and Aaron Ashmore's Captain William "Wheezer" Heaseman (a gruff pilot who would rather be carting cargo than helping in the medical world) will all likely return along with so many others. 

The full list of actors expected to return for SkyMed Season 3 can be seen below:

  • Natasha Calis - Nurse Hayley Roberts
  • Morgan Holmstrom - Crystal Highway
  • Praneet Akilla - Jay Chopper
  • Aason ‘Ace’ Nadjiwon - Captain Austen Bodie
  • Mercedes Morris - Lexi Martine
  • Thomas Elms - Captain Milosz Nowak
  • Kheon Clarke - Tristan Green
  • Rebecca Kwan - Emma Lin
  • Braeden Clarke - Jeremy Wood
  • Emilia McCarthy - Madison Van Camp
  • Patrick Kwok-Choon - Dr. Trevor Sung
  • Jeff Teravainen - Chief Pilot Pierce
  • Aaron Ashmore - Captain William “Wheezer” Heaseman

Of course, there is also always the chance that never-before-seen characters make themselves known in a  third batch of episodes, with new recruits joining the team to help save the residents of northern Manitoba. 

What Could Happen in SkyMed Season 3?

The SkyMed Season 2 finale may have had a sense of finality to it, rushing characters into narrative payoffs that should have perhaps been done over seasons as opposed to episodes. 

However, if a SkyMed Season 3 is greenlit, this rushed ending to Season 2 could serve as the perfect jumping-off point for the next chapter in the series' story. 

Paramount in this is the journey of Natasha Calis' Nurse Hayley Roberts. The series' assumed main character has been dealing with a lot in her time since moving to the North. 

While she has made the snow-crusted landscapes of northern Manitoba her home, she has not fully embraced the community quite yet. 

Much of SkyMed has seen Hayley grappling with her addiction. Season 3 could see the character commit to some sort of recovery with the help of her SkyMed team, helping to put herself back together while bringing her closer to the people around her. 

Something else that has not been explored more fully is the potential relationship between Hayley and Aaron Ashmore's Captain William “Wheezer” Heaseman. 

Wheezer has been harboring feelings for Hayley for quite some time without the opportunity to voice those previously. 

Maybe Season 3 could explore his courting of the show's central nurse, as the pair have to deal with their personal feelings for one another while saving lives as they have done since the very beginning. 

SkyMed Season 1 can be streamed on Paramount+.

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