Meet Lee Gwan-Hee: 4 Things to Know About Single's Inferno Basketball Player

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Lee Gwan-Hee Single Inferno Contestant

Single's Inferno Season 3 contestant Lee Gwan-Hee has taken the fandom by storm, so here is everything to know about the basketball player-turned-reality-star. 

Available to stream on Netflix, the South Korean reality series follows nine "young flirty Korean singles" as they "search for love on a deserted island that they can only escape as couples" (via the show's official synopsis).

Lee Gwan-Hee is one of Season 3's most-talked-about cast members, known for his basketball skills and charismatic personality. 

4 Facts About Single's Inferno Star Lee Gwan-Hee

Lee Gwan-Hee in Single's Inferno
Lee Gwan-Hee

Lee Is a Professional Basketball Player for LG Sakers

Standing at six foot two, it makes sense why Lee Gwan-Hee is so good on the basketball court, something he has shown off throughout Single's Inferno Season 3. But some may not know that his passion for the sport goes deeper than that, as he plays professionally overseas. 

Lee plays shooting guard for the Changwon LG Sakers of the Korean Basketball League (KBL). Lee is currently averaging nine points, one point, and one assist for the team, having played since 2021 when he was traded from the Seoul Samsung Thunders.

He was a part of the LG Sakers' stellar 2022-2023 campaign where they held the second-best record in the league but would fall short in post-season play.

Lee’s Time in the Philippines Improved His Basketball Skills

Before playing in the KBL, Lee took the court in the Filipino Professional Basketball Association (FPBA), where he honed his skills on the court. 

While only playing 13 games for the Phoenix Fuel Masters, Lee fondly recalls his brief Filipino stint, saying his time abroad greatly improved his basketball skills. 

In an interview with Tiebreaker Times, Lee remarked that playing for the Fuel Masters gave him "confidence [playing] abroad:"

“Because of the time I spent in the Philippines, I have confidence playing in abroad so that’s why I can do good in Japan, Macau, and the Philippines."

The 35-year-old (born April 29, 1988) added that he will always remember his time in the FPBA as it "helped [him] become a better player:"

“Maybe Korea isn’t the place where I need to play. Definitely, the time I spent in the Philippines helped me become a better player.”

Despite not lighting up the box score nightly for the Fuel Masters, he was a solid contributor in his short stint with the team, going off for 24 points in his first game. 

Lee Gwan-Hee Applied for Single’s Inferno Season 2

Funnily enough Single's Inferno Season 3 is not the first time Lee Gwan-Hee has taken a shot at the reality series. 

The professional basketball player also applied for Season 2 of the South Korean reality series, but - according to producer Kim Jae Won in an interview with Koreaboo - "it fell through at the time due to opposition from the [LG Sakers]:"

"He actually applied for Season 2, but it fell through at the time due to opposition from the team. After two years of persuasion, he was able to participate, and I am very grateful to the team."

However, following some persuasion from Single's Inferno, the KBL club capitulated, allowing their player to join Season 3's cast. 

Lee Gwan-Hee Vlogs His Life on YouTube

While being a basketball star, Lee is also an online personality, fostering a successful YouTube channel. 

On his personal YouTube channel, Lee has been documenting his day-to-day life since 2020, showcasing what it is like to be a professional basketball player in the ever-popular Korean Basketball League. 

His vlogs seem to average about 25-30 thousand views an episode with his channel bolstering 19.2 thousand total subscribers (a total that will likely only grow as his stint on Single's Inferno continues).

How To Keep Up With Lee Gwan-Hee

Fans can keep up with Lee by following him on Instagram (@leegwanhee0429) and his YouTube channel (@GODGWANHEE).

Single's Inferno is streaming now on Netflix worldwide. 

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