Shang-Chi: Sister Actress Addresses Final Battle Spoilers (Exclusive)

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Shang-Chi dragon sister

WARNING - This article contains spoilers for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has arrived in theaters worldwide, and Simu Liu's titular character looks primed to become yet another MCU fan favorite.

One of the biggest surprises of the film was the mystical city of Ta Lo—one which may be located in another dimension entirely. When the group arrives, they are greeted with an entirely new fantastical world unlike anything ever seen before in previous Marvel Studios installments. 

The striking nature of the village didn’t just shock the fictional characters, however, as even the actors bringing everything to life were blown away by what they were seeing. 

Meng'er Zhang Arrives in Ta Lo

Shang-Chi Ta Lo

The final act of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings took things to a new level of crazy, even by MCU standards.

The crew arrives in Ta Lo, just in time for a little training before they defend the mystical village against Shang-Chi and Xialing’s father, Wenwu.

One of the bigger moments came when both Shang-Chi and Xialing ride the village's personal dragon, The Great Protector, into battle against the darkness beyond.

The Direct spoke with Meng’er Zhang, the actress who brought Xialing to life, who described her experience filming the third act's action with jubilation. 

According to Zhang, “it was really fun,” and that she “needed to remind [herself] where [she] was:”

“It was really fun actually. I remember my hair and make-up team, they did the final touch-up on me, and I was so prepared. They told me that there was gonna be some wind and water going on at the same time, so I thought I was prepared. But after [the] action, there were massive gusts of wind and lots of water. All of a sudden, I needed to remind myself where I was. But it was fun.”

When it came to the set of Ta Lo itself, Zhang says she was blown away:

“It just blew my mind the first time when I stepped on set, because the art, everything, just looked so amazing. I literally wanted to live there.”

Shortly after both Shang-Chi and Xialing arrive in Ta Lo, the duo are given outfits crafted by their mother in preparation for their future arrival.

Even though she was not the title character, Xialing was far from short-changed when it came to her attire. Xialing’s outfit was nearly identical in craft, but just a different white/silver design; just as elegant and intricate as Shang-Chi’s.

Zhang loved her outfit, proclaiming that “they look so powerful,” and that she even kept part of it as a souvenir: 

“Oh my God, it was so cool. They look so powerful. I secretly took a tiny little piece from my suit to take home. I wanted to keep it with me!”

Zhang Becomes a Hero

Shang-Chi sister

It was really neat to see how Meng’er Zhang’s Xialing was held on the same level as Shang-Chi, even receiving the same superhero outfit from their mothers. It isn't a surprise to hear that Zhang wanted to keep a piece—the suits are absolutely stunning, and one of the best designs that the MCU has gifted its audiences.

While they both may have gotten the same super suit, Xialing and her brother are definitely heading in different directions. Shang-Chi already got the Avengers hook-up thanks to Wong, whereas Xialing is now in control of what was one of the biggest criminal organizations in the world.

It’s a situational and character dynamic that will certainly be interesting to explore down the line. 

With the mystical village of Ta Lo being such a wow factor, one has to wonder what the folks at Marvel Studios have in line for its fans next when it comes to Shang and Xialing’s stories.

For now, everyone will have to settle for watching Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings multiple times, which is now showing exclusively in theaters around the world.

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