Severance Season 2 Gets Exciting Release Update from Producer

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Adam Scott in Severance

Severance director Ben Stiller set early expectations for fans on when to expect Season 2 to be released on Apple TV+.

First arriving in February 2022, Severance made an immediate impact as it earned 14 Emmy nominations and two wins, leaving many to wonder if the series would continue into Season 2.

That confirmation came quickly from Apple in April 2022, but after the writers' and actors' strikes of 2023, the question then moved to how long it would take for Season 2 to be filmed and released.

Ben Stiller Provides Severance Season 2 Update

John Turturro, Zach Cherry, Britt Lower and Adam Scott in Severance
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Ben Stiller, who served as a producer on Severance Season 1 and also directed six of its episodes, gave fans an update on where Severance Season 2 stands in terms of development and production.

Joining the Roommates Show on YouTube, Stiller confirmed Season 2 is shooting right now, although it does not "have an actual date" for release yet. 

Working on these new episodes through the writers' and actors' strikes, Stiller noted the show will be "shooting 'til probably the end of April" and will release "sometime after that soon:"

"So 'Severance,' we're shooting it now. It’s coming soon and we don't have an actual date but I've been working on the second season of it for a long time, since we had a strike, an actor and writer strike, back last year. It went from like May to October, so that cut us off for a while. And we're going to be shooting ’til probably the end of April and it will be coming out sometime after that soon."

When Will Severance Season 2 Release on Apple TV+?

Looking back to Severance's first season, that first set of episodes finished filming in June 2021. It then took about eight months for Season 1 to arrive on Apple TV+, officially debuting on February 18, 2022.

Should Season 2 follow a similar schedule once filming finishes in April, fans can likely expect the next set of episodes to begin streaming sometime in November or December.

However, taking into account what Stiller said about this new season coming out "sometime...soon," the show could be in for a return sooner than the end of the year. 

If the show moves along on the quicker side, there is a slight chance it could be ready to debut in late Summer or early Fall 2024, putting its potential release as soon as five to seven months away.

Severance Season 1 is streaming on Apple TV+, and Season 2 is currently filming.

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