Sebastian Stan Teases Cliffhanger In Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 4

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WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier are two very different beasts . WandaVision was very much a complete mystery through and through. Viewers never really knew what was going on, and were always left hanging at the end of every episode—usually where some tantalizing information was revealed or teased.

Unlike that show, Sam and Bucky's adventure has played things relatively straight, or at least so far. There isn't all that much mystery, with most of the focus being on character work. Not only for our two main characters, but also the side characters, such as John Walker. While there are certainly questions to be had, it hasn't been in the same fashion as WandaVision .

There are still three episodes to go for Sam and Bucky to not only regain the shield but also put a stop to whatever Karli and the Flag Smashers have planned. The key question though, is do fans have any massive cliffhangers to look forward to? Because it doesn't sound like Pietro will be showing up this time around.


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During an interview with MTV Asia , Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan were asked whether there are any upcoming cliffhangers that the fans will go crazy over. Mackie mentioned the ending of Episode 2—where Zemo is revealed amongst classical music and a chessboard. Stan had a more tantalizing answer, teasing something that is coming up very soon.

"We have our own sort of like...moment...that we end on, that kinda keep you going about what's going to come next. But I would say episode 4 is probably a very strong one."


A tease such as this is always tantalizing. While some would argue that knowing a cliffhanger is going to take place in the first place is a spoiler within itself, it's still fun to know that by the end of the next episode, fan's jaws might be collectively hitting the floor. So of course from there, it's time for some theorizing.

A recent leak from Reddit revealed that Episode 4 has lots of focus on the new Captain America , John Walker. With this information, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that the teased ending will relate to him. Is this the moment that Sam and Bucky fight to regain the shield? Or maybe there will be some big event that transpires, bringing John Walker that much closer to his US Agent persona.

In his brief appearance last week, fans saw Walker lose his cool on refugees that were helping The Flash Smashers. He even went as far as to tell his partner that it didn't matter how they got the job done, as long as the end goal was achieved. This certainly isn't a very Captain America-like mindset, and it gave viewers a little insight into a more unstable side of the world's new symbol.

Capitalizing on that unstable aspect John Walker would be a great choice, especially as his journey to becoming the inevitable US Agent persona is all but a given at this point. Could this big moment be the violence we saw leaked thanks to video taken of the set while they were filming in Prague ? If so, there's a real chance that the show is about to get really dark.

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