School Spirits Season 2 Gets Promising Update from Peyton List: When Will It Release?

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Peyton List in School Spirits

School Spirits star Peyton List shared an exciting update regarding the production of the show’s Season 2.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for signs that new episodes are coming —especially after Season 1’s big cliffhanger.

At the tail end of 2023, Kristina Ventura, who plays Simon on the show, gave The Direct an estimate on when he hopes filming will begin, which was "a summer start date." Updates on production have been quiet since.

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Peyton List Gives School Spirits Season 2 Update

In a new Instagram story, School Spirits star Peyton List offered fans an exciting update on when her Paramount+ series will return.

In the post, which featured a fan’s question about Season 2 of the streaming series, List promised, "It is coming."

Peyton List, School Spirits
Peyton List

In the brief post, her trailer can be seen as it snows outside.

While some may be quick to think it is confirmation that filming on School Spirits Season 2 is happening imminently, that is probably not the case. This video is likely from the production of Season 1, as filming took place in Vancouver, where snow has not been seen since late February.

Peyton List herself is also in the midst of production on Cobra Kai, so her schedule probably isn't open for more filming just yet.

When Will School Spirits Season 2 Arrive?

If production of School Spirits Season 2 were to start up at some point this summer, as series star Kristina Ventura hopes for, then fans should expect to see new episodes no earlier than the early months of 2025. Season 1 was filmed over three months and then released five more after that.

While the wait may be disappointing, at the very least, Season 2 happening—which is more than can be said for many other shows. Hopefully, those involved will give plenty of updates as filming begins and the stars return to work.

After all, the series has plenty of plot threads to get back to.

One of those could very well be a newfound love triangle (as discussed with Kristian Ventura himself) between Maddie, Wally, and Simon—especially after Simon made such an explosive break from his best friend. Of course, there are plenty of other storylines on the docket including Dr. Martin’s big secrets, Janet living in Maddie’s real-world body, and more.

School Spirits is now streaming on Paramount+.

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