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More afterlife mayhem is headed to Paramount+, as School Spirits is set to return for Season 2.

School Spirits' first season, which debuted on Paramount+ on March 9 and started streaming on Netflix on November 30, tackled the story of a high schooler named Maddie (Peyton List) who gets stuck in the afterlife after her tragic death, meeting other spirits who also died at her high school.

When Is School Spirits Season 2 Releasing?

School Spirits

In June 2023, Paramount+ renewed School Spirits for a second season (via Variety). 

The renewal came after the show's successful debut season on the streaming service. 

School Spirits received widespread acclaim, with the series earning an 83% critic rating and a 92% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes

Domenic DiMeglio, chief marketing officer and head of data at Paramount Streaming, offered high praise for School Spirits ahead of Season 2, noting it is one of Paramount+'s "most popular new young adult series to date:"

“’School Spirits’ developed such a passionate and engaged fan base over the course of its first season, marking one of our most popular new young adult series to date. The creative minds behind the series — showrunner Oliver Goldstick and creators Nate Trinrud & Megan Trinrud — and the extremely talented cast brought audiences a fresh take on high school — both in the present and in the after-life — and we can’t wait to see what happens next at Split River High.”

While there is no release date for the series' return yet, Deadline shared that School Spirits Season 2 will go into production in 2024. 

At this point, it remains to be seen when exactly in 2024 School Spirits will begin filming. 

The Cinemaholic shared that Season 1 went into production from mid-August to November 2022, with the show making its debut in March 2023.  

Assuming Season 2 goes into production in early 2024, the show's sophomore run could potentially premiere on Paramount+ in late summer or early fall of next year. 

Who’s Cast In School Spirits Season 2?

School Spirits, created by Megan and Nate Trinrud, is headlined by a strong cast led by Cobra Kai star Peyton List. The actress plays the lead ghost Maddie Nears who ventures into the spirit realm as she uncovers secrets and lies about her death. 

Joining her is a remarkable ensemble of stars, such as Kristian Ventura (Gray Matter, Reboot) as Maddie's best friend Simon, Kiara Pichardo (The Society) as her other best friend Nicole, and Maria Dizzia (True Story, While We're Young) as her mother Sandra. 

Several members of the spirit realm are also expected to make a comeback like RaeAnne Boon's Dawn, Josh Zuckerman's Everett Martin, and Milo Manheim's Wally. 

Here is a list of the expected cast members who will return in School Spirits Season 2: 

  • Peyton List - Maddie
  • Kristian Ventura - Simon
  • Kiara Pichardo - Nicole
  • Maria Dizzia - Sandra
  • Milo Manheim - Wally
  • Spencer MacPherson - Xavier
  • Nick Pugliese - Charley
  • Sarah Yarkin - Rhonda
  • RaeAnne Boon - Dawn
  • Josh Zuckerman - Everett Martin 

What Will Happen in School Spirits Season 2?

School Spirits wallpaper

School Spirits Season 1 ended with several twists and turns that set up a crazy sophomore season. 

For starters, the Season 1 finale revealed that Maddie died by losing her body to Janet after the latter ran through the former while the chemistry lab got burnt down. 

This meant Maddie did not have a normal death, and things got worse when Janet (while in Maddie's body) left Split River at the end of Season 1 to escape from both the spirits and those who were alive and still looking for her. 

Based on Season 1's ending, it looks like the main goal is to bring Maddie back into her real body and switch places with Janet. 

School Spirits Season 2 could begin with Maddie's spirit making a plan with her friends in the afterlife to try and find Janet in the real world. 

To do so, though, it looks like the spirits need to overcome Mr. Martin's heel turn after they find out that the professor-turned-ghost has been documenting their death even in the real world and he might be hiding even more terrible secrets. 

Meanwhile, other plot points the sophomore season could potentially explore include the ramifications of Maddie's confession of love toward her best friend Simon and Xavier's fate after being hit by a car driven by Janet.

School Spirits Season 1 is now streaming on Paramount+.

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