First Look at Russell Crowe's 2023 Marvel Return as New Character

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Russell Crowe Marvel Return Kraven Thor

Russell Crowe makes a grand return as a new character in the upcoming Sony's Spider-Man Universe movie, Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter features a stellar cast, with two Marvel stars headlining its ensemble.

Aside from Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s debut in Sony’s Marvel universe as the titular character, Russell Crowe jumps ship as an important character in the movie.

Interestingly, in a past interview with Comicbook last April 2023, Crowe previously teased that Kraven the Hunter takes place in "an unexpectedly, dark world."

Sony Unveils Russell Crowe's Brand New Marvel Character

Sony Pictures officially revealed the first trailer for Kraven the Hunter, showcasing the first look at Russell Crowe's new Marvel character. 

Russell Crowe
Sony Pictures

After months of rumors, the trailer confirmed that Crowe is playing Kraven's father, Nikolai Kravinoff, in the movie.

Russell Crowe
Sony Pictures 

It remains to be seen how Crowe's character fits in the movie, but the first footage suggests that he is strict toward his son, Kraven, even during childhood. 

In the future, Nikolai can be seen alive alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson, potentially indicating that he could end up as one of the villains of the film.

Russell Crowe, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kraven
Sony Pictures

The full trailer can be seen below:

Predicting Russell Crowe’s Role in Kraven’s Story

Based on the trailer, it seems that Russell Crowe's Nikolai Kravinoff becomes the main reason why Kraven is so ruthless in the first place. 

The footage shows Nikolai pushing his son so hard that he eventually allowed Kraven to transform into the hunter that Spider-Man fights one day. 

However, in the movie, it looks like Crowe will serve as Kraven's chief villain, with the pair engaging in a thrilling yet emotional clash between father and son.

It's possible that Kraven would eventually cross his father's name on his hunting list when the credits roll. That said, Nikolai's defeat could be the final piece in the character's full-blown transformation. 

Kraven the Hunter is set to premiere in theaters on October 6.

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