Is Roseanne Season 11 Releasing In 2025? New Show Speculation Explained

By Jennifer McDonough Posted:
Roseanne Barr in Roseanne Season 10

A poster for Roseanne Season 11 popped up online, and some wonder if it's real.

The story of The Conners, a working middle-class family from Lanford, Illinois, began in 1988 with the ABC premiere of Roseanne. What followed was an intimate look at a close-knit group of people who were, more often than not, just scraping by but handled things with hope and humor.

Roseanne was relaunched in 2018 for a tenth season but reworked after a year into The Conners after lead Roseanne Barr landed herself in hot water while posting on social media. Her character died offscreen, and the series continued.

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A Brand-New Roseanne Series?

A fake poster showing Roseanne Barr with the words Summer 2025 Roseanne Season 11 and the ABC logo
YODA ABY BBY on Facebook

Facebook page YODA ABY BBY recently posted a poster and a synopsis for a new sitcom focusing on Roseanne Barr’s Roseanne Conner.

Dubbed by the poster as Roseanne Season 11, the plot description lists it as debuting in Summer 2025:


“Get ready for the hilarious and heartwarming return of ‘Roseanne’ in its long-awaited Season 11! Picking up decades after Dan's passing, Roseanne has reinvented herself as a published author, writing a series of quirky books about life in Lanford, while the rest of the Conner family navigates their own quirky adventures. Join the original cast as they tackle life’s ups and downs with the same humor and love that made you fall in love with them in the first place”

This is especially perplexing since not only is Roseanne Conner, the character, long-deceased, but ABC already brought back Roseanne several years ago, only for the show to be revamped into The Conners.

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In short, these marketing materials posted to the Facebook page are fake.

Furthermore, ABC likely does not want to touch Roseanne Barr with a ten-foot pole. The actress and comedian was publicly fired by the network after tweeting a controversial statement about then-Obama Administration Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett.

Devotees will recognize that the above synopsis details a direct continuation of the original Roseanne after its 1997 finale. In that final episode, it was revealed that a large portion of the show had been a story Roseanne wrote.

That plot twist was completely retconned and removed from continuity for the 2018 Roseanne revival.

Interestingly enough, this is not the first time Barr has been said to star in a fake show. Last fall, rumors swirled about a new series that she would star in with Home Improvement’s Tim Allen that was never in development.

How the Story of Roseanne Lives On

Barr’s dismissal led to the birth of The Conners, which features most of the show’s original cast members, including John Goodman and Laurie Metcalfe, alongside some all-new characters.

The Conners has largely been a hit for the network, consistently performing well for the past six seasons.

In May, the sitcom was renewed for a seventh, shortened season, just six more episodes. This means that The Conners will have a lot of ground to cover to tie up loose ends before viewers walk away from Lanford one last time.

Season 6 of The Conners is streaming on Hulu.

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