Practical Magic 2 Cast: Who Will Return In Sandra Bullock & Nicole Kidman's Sequel?

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Practical Magic poster, Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock are headlining the cast of the newly-announced legacy sequel, Practical Magic 2

After nearly 30 years, Warner Bros. is headed back to the magical world of the 1998 Griffin Dunne original film (based on the 1995 novel of the same name), telling the tale of two modern-day sisters who descend from a long line of American witches. 

A sequel to the '90s drama was first revealed on June 10 after teases of a follow-up began popping up on TikTok. 

The Confirmed Actors in Practical Magic 2

Only two actors have been attached to Practical Magic 2 thus far; however, it is still early days for the spell-binding sequel. 

According to reporting from The Hollywood Reporter, Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, the stars of the original film, are in talks to lead the bewitching cast yet again. 

Other than that, no other cast members have been confirmed. 

Sandra Bullock - Sally Owens

Sandra Bullock as Sally Owens in Practical Magic lighting a candle
Warner Bros.

Sandra Bullock reprises her role from the 1998 original Practical Magic as Sally Owens. Sally is one of the movie's central Owen sisters, the descendants of a long line of Massachusetts witches. 

The first movie saw the sisters getting caught up in a magic-based cover-up, as Sally accidentally drugs and kills her sister's abusive boyfriend. Once dead, and realizing what they have done, the pair are forced to reanimate his corpse in the hope of drawing attention away from the crime they committed. 

Bullock is an Oscar-winning actress, having won for her work as Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side. Her other work includes appearances in Gravity, Speed, and Miss Congeniality.

Nicole Kidman - Gillian Owens

Nicole Kidman as Gillian Owens laying next to a fireplace in plaid pajamas in Practical Magic
Warner Bros.

Joining Bullock at the forefront of the Practical Magic 2 cast is Australian acting icon Nicole Kidman. Kidman stars as Gillian Owens, the sister (and more magic-embracing of the two) of Sandra Bullock Sally Owens. 

After her sister shut herself off from magic for years, the first film saw Kidman's Gillian asking her sister to tap back into her witchy ways when she becomes the victim of an abusive relationship. Opening back up their spellbook leads the pair to accidentally drug and kill her boyfriend, setting off the events of the film.

Like Bullock, Kidman has also found Academy Awards glory since the release of the first movie, winning in 2003 for her work in The Hours. Her other notable roles include Moulin Rouge!, Rabbit Hole, and Aquaman.

Characters That Could Return In Practical Magic 2

While Bullock and Kidman are the only two actors confirmed to be in talks to appear in Practical Magic 2, there are several names from the first movie that could potentially return for the sequel. 

Here is a full list of returning actors that could pop up in Practical Magic 2:

Stockard Channing - Aunt Frances

Stockard Channing as Aunt Frances toasting with a glass of wine in a big hat in Practical Magic
Warner Bros.

The 1998 original Practical Magic movie (and the book it is based on) saw Aunt Frances play a major role. Brought to life by longtime actress Stockard Channing, Aunt Frances is one of the aunts who helped raise the Owens girls after the death of their parents.

If the sequel adapts the second book in Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic series of novels (titled The Book of Magic), the two aunts play a major part yet again, with Aunt France and the girls trying to save Aunt Jet when she is given a week to live thanks to a family curse. 

Channing is best known for her roles in Grease, Six Degrees of Separation, and Where the Heart Is

Dianne Wiest - Aunt Jet

Dianne Wiest as Aunt Jet looking shocked in Practical Magic
Warner Bros.

While Stockard Channing's Aunt Frances was the stoic and hardnosed of the Owens aunts, Dianne Wiest's Aunt Jet is known for her kind and gentle temperament. She, like Aunt Frances, helped raise the Owens twins in the first movie after their parents fell to the Owens family curse. 

Aunt Jet could potentially play a significant role in the upcoming sequel. In the second Practical Magic book, Aunt Jet is what sets the events of the story in motion, as the bells of death begin to ring for the elderly woman, giving her but one week to live. 

Wiest is a two-time Oscar winner, who will be familiar to fans for her work in The Birdcage, Edward Scissorhands, and Bullets Over Broadway.

Evan Rachel Wood - Kylie

Evan Rachel Wood as Kylie in Practical Magic
Warner Bros.

Seen as a big part of the first film nearly 30 years ago was Evan Rachel Wood as Kylie Owens. At the time, Kylie was the teenage daughter of Sandra Bullock's Sally Owens who had a fascination with her aunt Gillian and the family's mysterious history. 

The second book in the series sees Kylie dig deeper into what makes her family so different, uncovering the truth of their witchy ways. While there would have to be some changes made to the movie sequel if it follows the books, as Wood is no longer the starry-eyed teen she once was, it could be done. 

Wood's biggest roles include work in 13, Westworld, and Whatever Works

What Happens in the Second Practical Magic Book?

Coming into Practical Magic 2, fans can expect yet another bewitching adventure for the Owens family set in the modern-day world. 

This mix of real-world stakes and the magical world of spell-casting witches is a staple of the Practical Magic franchise dating back to Alice Hoffman's very first novel. That should not stop in the sequel.

It has not been confirmed whether the second movie will adapt Hoffman's 2021 novel, The Book of Magic, but if it does, there is a globe-trotting adventure there that could make for some great big-screen fare. 

The second book in the Practical Magic series sees the sisters (along with their Aunt Francis and young Kylie) trying to save Aunt Jet after she is magically warned of her incoming death. 

This sees them getting intertwined with the conspiracy to kill a young man, and the introduction of a long-lost brother, and the three generations of the Owens family try to break the family curse and save not only Aunt Jet but generations of Owens to come. 

Practical Magic 2 currently has no publicly available release date. 

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