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Percy Jackson creator Rick Riordan gave fans a frame of reference to use for Season 2's production schedule, leaving fans unsurprisingly discouraged on when new episodes will arrive.

Season 1 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians was both a critical and financial success, making its Season 2 renewal (which came one week after Season 1's finale released) both expected and exciting.

On top of that, scripts were already in preliminary writing stages back in December 2023 — having been started even before the show debuted on Disney+ — for if a Season 2 renewal were to happen.

When Will Percy Jackson Season 2 Release?

Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson in finale

In a new Threads post, Percy Jackson creator Rick Riordan gave fans a sense of roughly when to expect Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 2's release.

He began the post by admitting that, like the fans, he is "curious too," and does not "have exact answers" about when new episodes could debut. However, he said that "it might be helpful" to use Season 1's production timeline "to get an idea" of what Season 2's could look like:

"A lot of people are interested in how long 'PJOTV' season two will take to complete. I'm curious too! I don't have exact answers, but it might be helpful to look back on the timeline for season one to get an idea, as documented on my blog."

He then gave a rundown of Season 1's production schedule, from the "green light announced" for the season in January 2022, to its premiere in December 2023:

"Jan 2022 green light announced for season one.
April 2022 Percy casting announced.
May 5, 2022 The full trio casting is announced.
June 2, 2022 Filming begins.
Feb 2, 2023 Filming wraps.
March 2023 Post-production begins.
Dec 2023 Season one airs."

If Season 2's production and release timeline were to match Season 1's to the letter, Season 2 would see a January 2026 release. The green light was announced for Season 2 in February of 2024, so its release would come a month under two years later, in January of 2026.

However, several factors make it unlikely that Season 2's production will match Season 1's perfectly.

The context for Season 2's production is very different than Season 1's. With much of the cast and crew already confirmed to be returning from Season 1, there will not need to be as extensive of a casting and hiring process for Season 2.

To an extent, this can also extend to shooting locations. Those returning from Season 1 are used to using the volume in filming, and the location for Camp Half-Blood itself will theoretically not need to be re-scouted and conceptualized from scratch.

However, the impact of that on the production schedule might be made moot by the major location differences between Seasons 1 and 2. Most notably, a large portion of The Sea of Monsters (which Season 2 will be adapting) takes place, as the title suggests, at sea, which by nature is less convenient for television show filming than the primarily land-based settings of Season 1.

It is worth noting, though, that this is not completely uncharted territory for many on Percy Jackson and the Olympians' cast and crew, as a large portion of the show's team previously worked on the nautical-themed series Black Sails.

As show staff writer Daphne Olive has been reminding fans on X, there are a lot of similarities between the settings from that show and Percy Jackson and the Olympians Season 2.

Additionally, Riordan's Threads post does not cover how long the writing process took for Season 1, and that is the element of Season 2 production fans know the most about so far.

In a Threads post on the page for Mythomagic, inc., the production company run by Rick and Becky Riordan, the latter shared that she "love[s] the first script for two."

Becky Riordan added that since the show "got a lot of world building out of the way" in Season 1, Season 2 will get to expand, with "hopefully some smooth sailing ahead:"

"Season Two hasn’t been ordered yet. I love the first script for two and I even successfully pitched a couple of things that were included. 🎉 Will it have the mystery and intrigue you crave if we get an order? Don’t know. We got a lot of world building out of the way in one so hopefully some smooth sailing ahead.

'That is a nautical reference for you.' -Hades"

Another Threads post, this one from closer to when Disney announced Season 2, revealed that even then, at least some "big action sequences" from Season 2, episodes 1 and 2 were written:

"Loving the big action sequences I am reading in 201 and 202."

The most recent update came during TCA24, as reported by Collider's Carly Lane-Perry, wherein executive producers on the show (presumably Dan Shotz and Jon Steinberg, both of whom were present for the Percy Jackson panel) confirmed that there are "a couple of scripts written."

Additionally, both Rick and Becky Riordan were confirmed to be returning as Executive Producers for Season 2, and, have been "in the room the whole time" while writing has occurred:

If Season 2 sees a roughly similar chronology to Season 1, fans could theoretically expect to hear some casting news over the next couple months. However, just because that was the case for Season 1 does not guarantee it will happen the exact same way for Season 2.

A February 9 Threads post from Rick Riordan not only confirmed the unsurprising returns of Clarisse (Dior Goodjohn), Luke (Charlie Bushnell), and Mr. D (Jason Mantzoukas), but also that writing work for Tyson has begun:

"A good first day yesterday in the PJO season two writers' room! As I mentioned, we had a mini-room going before the WGA strike to start the scripts, on the assumption we'd get a green light, so we aren't starting from zero this week. The scripts we have so far are in excellent shape. Can't wait to see more of Luke, Clarisse, Mr. D is S2. And of course Tyson! It was great to see our writing team again. Going back in today!"

Tyson — Percy's cyclops half-brother — is one of the most significant new characters introduced in The Sea of Monsters, and will therefore be one of the bigger casting announcements to expect ahead of Season 2 filming. He and Thalia are the biggest returning characters almost guaranteed to appear in the upcoming season.

Other characters sure to appear are Tantalus, and Polyphemus, whose castings could theoretically be announced in those earlier months as well. There are also characters with more minor roles in The Sea of Monsters who have far more significant roles later on, who could (but not necessarily will) be cast for Season 2, including Charles Beckendorf and Silena Beuregard.

By the time filming begins, fans will likely have a relatively better idea of how closely the Season 2 production timeline is matching Season 1's, but the filming start and end dates and the post-production end date will likely help clarify things even more.

In the meantime, Season 1 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians is streaming in its entirety on Disney+.

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