Paradise City Show Season 2: Will New Episodes Ever Release?

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A lack of news regarding Paradise City on Amazon Prime Video has fans worried Season 2 may never be released.

The musical drama - a direct sequel to 2017's American Satan - debuted on the streamer in March 2021, telling the story of a band, one of its biggest fans, and potential ties to the occult. 

Paradise City Season 1 debuted to generally favorable reviews, earning a 97% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, but Prime Video remains mum on the subject of a potential Season 2. 

Will Paradise City Season 2 Ever Be Released?

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As of writing, the release of Paradise City Season 2 remains in question. 

In October 2022, the show was seemingly renewed for a second season. The official Paradise City Instagram page shared the news in a post (via Movie Web) featuring two of the series' leads, Johnny Faust and Lily Mayflower, and a caption saying the show would be back. 

This was followed by a video on the show's official TikTok account, telling fans, "season 2 premieres in 2023:"

"Our story isn’t over yet.. season 2 premieres in 2023 follow @Sumerian Comics to see our world expand into books"

However, it has not been over a year, and nothing has been heard from Paradise City

That initial Instagram post has been removed from the Paradise City account, indicating that new episodes may no longer be on the cards. 

It is unknown exactly why Paradise City Season 2 has seemingly been put on ice and if fans will ever see the show again. 

What Could Happen in Paradise City Season 2?

Given Paradise City Season 2 remains in limbo, there have been no official plot details revealed for the potential sophomore run. 

However, series creator Ash Avildsen has at least hinted at where the dramatic musical could go next. 

In a 2021 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Avildsen shared what he had in mind for Season 2, remarking Cameron Boyce's Simon would be "the driving force as the story continues:"

“I mapped out like six seasons before we even shot this, so his character, Simon, is the driving force as the story continues. So we would have to recast, and I hope audiences are emotionally prepared for that. It’s something you hope you never ever have to even think about, much less experience as a writer and director. Hopefully we get another season and we find someone that can bring the character back into the story.”

Boyce tragically passed away in July 2019 at 20, so if the series were to come back, his Paradise City character would have to be recast. 

Avilden posited that Season 2 would continue to have Simon as "the heartbeat for the audience," seeing Boyce's on-screen rock fanatic "[discover] the [series's mysterious world] world as an underdog:"

“With Cameron, his character really is the heartbeat for the audience. We’re all going on this ride with him as he discovers the world as an underdog. We’ll have to find someone amazing who can hopefully carry the character.”

A Season 2 story would likely have seen Cameron Boyce's Simon get even more ingrained with the series' central rock band, The Reckless. 

Season 1 saw the Reckless continue its rise in the Los Angeles music scene as the spread of supernatural beings began to take over the City of Angels.

A second season could lean into that occult aspect of the series more, showcasing the rise of some ultimate demonic power and what that means for the band's 'cult' branding by the general public. 

Paradise City Season 1 is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. 

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